Well, since I updated our website every 6 months, at the most, I figured it was time to start a blog. So what's new since our last post on our website?

The biggest news is that I'm 6 months pregnant with another boy. I thought for sure I had ruined my life when my morning sickness started and I couldn’t believe I had willingly done this to myself. It was a tough 3 months or so. I'm feeling much better now and just have this huge belly sticking out which makes me grunt when I bend over and want to lie on the couch when it's hot. Things are going great with the pregnancy and we are really excited for someone else like Wyatt to come into our life. As far as my midwife is concerned, we can consider Wyatt’s premature birth a fluke (my water breaking early) and plan on a full term baby.

I’m in love with our plants. I’m always working on something in the yard. The bigger I get, the more I have to ask for Willie’s help with things, but our flowers and vegetables are so much fun for me. I worked at REI a few times a week for about 6 months until I realized I didn’t like having to work on Saturdays. It was really cutting into our fun time. So it was great while it lasted. I made some good friends, collected a lot of gear and had a great social outlet. I’ve been doing bookkeeping for my brother’s branding/advertising firm in New York and I love it.

Other big news, Willie is a fiddler. For Christmas I had an old family fiddle (rumored to have crossed the plains with the Mormon pioneers) fixed up for him. I had no idea the monster I was creating. Almost without fail, Willie has practiced at least an hr every day since the fiddle was put in his hand. He’s taken lessons, bought books, CD’s and found people to pay with. He’s gotten so good. He’s obsessed and loving it. We’ve been having a lot of fun playing together and we even played at a friend’s wedding reception up in the high country.

On a sad note (for Willie), we got rid of our chickens. They went to a good five acre place with 3 toddlers to chase them around. They were absolutely destroying our back yard and digging up my plants and pooping everywhere. So I posted them on freecycle and they had a good home the same day. I cried when they left but have been glad ever since. Willie misses them. In exchange for getting rid of his dear birds, I agreed to get a cat. Now we have little Deuteronomy, a gray tabby, who goes by Ron. He’s really grown on me and he’s friendly and well behaved.

Work is going well for Willie. He’s been working hard to get up to speed on his required billing for work. I have taken it upon myself to be his billing coach to keep track of his billable hrs and let him know how his month is looking. We celebrated the end of a great billing month yesterday with a blueberry peach crisp. All and all his work does not require an absurd amount of work and the work is interesting. Willie has made some great friends at work. We have gone on several camping trips with his coworkers and their families.

Wyatt is adorable. He’s communicating so well and is funny and loving. His interests as of late are going to the library, riding his tricycle all around the neighborhood, going to the public pool, and playing our instruments. He loves when Willie plugs in his electric guitar (which he calls the yellow guitar) and lets him go to town. He also likes to bang on an old hand drum while we play together. He’s already talking about wanting to play the banjo, which is weird because that’s one instrument we don’t have. He is Willie’s shadow. He wants to do everything Willie does including carrying around a small Nalgene bottle with peppermint ice tea in it.

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