I finally finished our front room curtains by adding a strip of blue canvas along the bottom and sewing everything that was pinned. I also made a few throw pillows to match some colors in the rug (not pictured).
Wyatt loves running through the sprinklers in the back yard when I water the grass.

I set up our old backpacking tent around Wyatt's bed and he loves it. He was so excited the first night that he couldn't fall asleep until well after 10pm.

I also included a picture of some the things we are getting from our garden. The picture shows basil (more than we can handle, I'm freezing pesto by the truckload), cucumbers, summer squash, and Japanese eggplant. We did loose our summer squash plant to squash bug so I've been diligently picking squash bug eggs off our zucchini. It's a gross job, but someone has to do it.

I'm also including a picture of Wyatt on the mandolin. He's really interested in music right now. He's so funny how he copies us too. He has a penny whistle and he asked me last night if I wanted to jam. I said yes and when I was picking up the guitar he said he wanted to play in E (don't worry, he doesn't actual know how to play on or in any key yet). Then after we were done he started to tune his penny whistle to the piano by hitting a key then blowing a note on the whistle. He's so dear. The other night at the Farmer's market we were watching a band and he was dancing along. Two people approached me commenting that he has great rhythm and suggested getting him an instrument.

The Pics

When we bought this house the back porch was just a gross sunroom. I wish I had a before picture that could do justice but you never think of taking the before picture, just the after one. There was also a diseased stray cat that came with the house and was living in this sunroom. It was enclosed with dirty plexiglas with cheap metal blinds, the floor was green outdoor carpeting, there was a falling apart storm door, with cat door, enclosing it.

Stage two, the porch got worse. We took out the plexiglas and took off the door which improved the look but by then we had three chickens who only wanted to be put in their coop at night by Willie. So until he got them to bed they roosted on the porch. Envision piles of chicken poop.

Then my brother Calder, his wife Starr, a friend Andrew, my mother and her husband David came to the rescue. In May we had a work day where we ripped off the outdoor carpet, pulled up the plywood underneath and redecked the porch. We put on a new set of stairs and did repairs. In one day the porch became a real porch.

Then last weekend we got the energy to put the finishing touches on the porch. I say "we" but Willie did most of the work. A huge pregnant lady a toddler aren't that helpful. We painted the whole thing, ceiling to floor and installed a ceiling fan and reading sconce. So behold the pictures. We are so pleased. Last night Willie and I sat out talking and reading. It's a magical place. You should come over and enjoy a cool morning on the porch or stay up talking with us as the evening cools off or watch a thunder storm.

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