The Library

We usually work on some kind of project over the weekend and this week we finished up some shelving in our library. Most people don't have a library, but if you know Willie a library is a must. This room in our house was the original dinning room, but since we have an actual dinning room addition and this one has pine paneling and already a lot of bookshelves it became the library.

Weekend before last Willie informed me that he'd run out of shelf space for books. So we got some books from the library and looked into some built in shelves and realized that it wasn't in our budget, so Willie came up with these semi-built in shelves. He had a great time putting them up and arranging books. We have enough shelf room to get us a few year into the future. Now we just need a comfy chair to finish off the room.

I also included a picture of Wyatt with his new tool belt and tools. We went to a birthday party on Friday and I bought a tool set for the birthday boy. Wyatt wanted it so bad. So I went back later that day and got him one. When he woke up in the morning he said he was so glad the tools were back. I gave him a little tool box to keep them in and he's been working around the clock. We put up the crib for Hank (probable name for the new baby) and Wyatt is still doing some fine tuning on it.

Here are a few pictures of our garden. It's really thriving right now, it's almost an uncontrollable jungle. I planted a little too tight this year but everything is still doing well. I just need a machete to get in to pick tomatoes.

Willie also made a gate for our back fence. Our neighbors have an all rusted metal fence and they had some left over that they gave to us. We had some wood left over from the previous fence, so really all we needed were a few bolts and hardware. I really like the way it turned out. We have plans to build an arbor over the gate and I already have honeysuckle growing, ready to climb over the arbor.

We have cucumbers and tomatoes at almost every meal. I am about to make my second batch of "sun-dried" tomatoes in the dehydrator. I usually pick green beans in the morning to have with dinner then eat them all before dinner time. They are just so good. I have plans for more eggplant, less tomatoes and more cut flowers next year. I love my zinnias. They just keep coming back after I cut them.

Totally pregnant is not my favorite time to be photographed, but I thought I better add a few pictures for posterity. I've entered the huge stage with constant comments about having twins or delivering any day. The same thing happened when I was pregnant with Wyatt. Being short only leaves out in front for a baby to grow. In this picture Wyatt is wearing his superman cape that I made for him. He's been flying everywhere. His imagination is really growing. As he is flying around the house he lists the things he can see from the air, like the post office, our house and a flying dog.

This week in my pregnancy with Wyatt is when my water broke and I was put on bedrest. I'm feeling hopeful about that not happening again. Though the thought of getting two months bigger is dreadful, being able to take our baby home from the hospital in good health is worth it. I just have to remind myself of that when I'm wishing I wasn't pregnant anymore.

I start out my day with a lot of energy. It's nice and cool and I go for a 1/2 hr walk before Willie leaves to work. Today I harvested produce from the garden, watered, weed wacked, did laundry and cleaned up. As the day goes by and heats up I slow down and lie on the couch and watch Barney with Wyatt. By the time Willie gets home, it's legitimately hot and I have most of my clothes off trying to make dinner. Then I try not to be too cranky and take it easy the rest of the day. These next few months are uncharted territory for me. At least fall is coming and the heat will let up. I only have a few pieces of maternity clothes that fit anymore so i wouldn't say I'm very stylish, but two months is only two full moons and two fast Sundays. I can do that.

Wyatt and Willie took the train to Omaha to visit Willie's parents recently. They had a blast. Wyatt had been talking about going on this train trip for almost a month and I think it lived up to all his expectations. He got to go to the zoo in Omaha, play with his cousins, and go to a place like Chuck E Cheeses. Willie brought his fiddle and read many books and spent time with his parents and his brothers.

I wasn't crazy about an 18 hr (at least) train ride, so I stayed back. While they were gone, I flew to Utah for a few days thanks to a buddy pass from my brother. I did some essential shopping of things I couldn't get in Grand Junction, like a bra in my size. I spent time talking and hanging out with family then came back home to enjoy some alone time. I made a baby quilt for my nephew, went swimming every day, went to some antique stores and laid around. It was great, but I was eager for Willie and Wyatt to get home. I picked them up at the train station and was so happy to see them get off the train and get back to normal family life in Grand Junction. .

And as far as butterfingers go. I have never loved a candy bar like I love this one, at this time in my life. Though I've started regular exercise by recommendation of my midwife, to gain strength for the birth and help with weight gain, I can't cut out the butterfingers. I found four for a dollar on sale today. It was a blessing.

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