Full Term or Bust

Totally pregnant is not my favorite time to be photographed, but I thought I better add a few pictures for posterity. I've entered the huge stage with constant comments about having twins or delivering any day. The same thing happened when I was pregnant with Wyatt. Being short only leaves out in front for a baby to grow. In this picture Wyatt is wearing his superman cape that I made for him. He's been flying everywhere. His imagination is really growing. As he is flying around the house he lists the things he can see from the air, like the post office, our house and a flying dog.

This week in my pregnancy with Wyatt is when my water broke and I was put on bedrest. I'm feeling hopeful about that not happening again. Though the thought of getting two months bigger is dreadful, being able to take our baby home from the hospital in good health is worth it. I just have to remind myself of that when I'm wishing I wasn't pregnant anymore.

I start out my day with a lot of energy. It's nice and cool and I go for a 1/2 hr walk before Willie leaves to work. Today I harvested produce from the garden, watered, weed wacked, did laundry and cleaned up. As the day goes by and heats up I slow down and lie on the couch and watch Barney with Wyatt. By the time Willie gets home, it's legitimately hot and I have most of my clothes off trying to make dinner. Then I try not to be too cranky and take it easy the rest of the day. These next few months are uncharted territory for me. At least fall is coming and the heat will let up. I only have a few pieces of maternity clothes that fit anymore so i wouldn't say I'm very stylish, but two months is only two full moons and two fast Sundays. I can do that.


  1. Matt said...
    Sally, you look beautiful! I know that's probably the last thing you feel at this point, but it's true. As for people's comments on your size, I'm trying to think of some witty comeback but I'm not very witty. I'll keep thinking about it, though. :)
    Disco Mom said...
    Sally, I feel your pain...and your hope. Those last months are tough to get through. Sounds like you are doing things right - do what you feel like, then take it easy. The comments are hard to take, too, and I got so sick of them with Hazel that with Ginger I was unhesitant to turn it around and try to make the person feel bad, like, "How do you think that makes me feel?" or "You know, it's just as easy and a lot more helpful to tell me how beautiful I look." I was surprised at how well people took that - I guess they just didn't know what to say, so they were glad for me to tell them what I wanted to hear :)
    Devon and Michelle said...
    I always get those same comments when I am at the same stage of pregnancy! Us poor short folks just look so much more uncomfortable, but you do look beautiful! I am totally impressed that you are still getting out for a walk, good for you!

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