Here are a few pictures of our garden. It's really thriving right now, it's almost an uncontrollable jungle. I planted a little too tight this year but everything is still doing well. I just need a machete to get in to pick tomatoes.

Willie also made a gate for our back fence. Our neighbors have an all rusted metal fence and they had some left over that they gave to us. We had some wood left over from the previous fence, so really all we needed were a few bolts and hardware. I really like the way it turned out. We have plans to build an arbor over the gate and I already have honeysuckle growing, ready to climb over the arbor.

We have cucumbers and tomatoes at almost every meal. I am about to make my second batch of "sun-dried" tomatoes in the dehydrator. I usually pick green beans in the morning to have with dinner then eat them all before dinner time. They are just so good. I have plans for more eggplant, less tomatoes and more cut flowers next year. I love my zinnias. They just keep coming back after I cut them.


  1. sara said...
    we had so many tomatoes and beans while we were in colorado... deluxe! i wish i knew how to have a garden. nice work. and i love the fence, too!
    Disco Mom said...
    It looks heavenly, Sally - can I come over and hang out? Cool gate, too.

    Zinnia was HIGH on my name list for girl #2, but Ed thought it was too "out there", so we compromised on Ginger.

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