The Library

We usually work on some kind of project over the weekend and this week we finished up some shelving in our library. Most people don't have a library, but if you know Willie a library is a must. This room in our house was the original dinning room, but since we have an actual dinning room addition and this one has pine paneling and already a lot of bookshelves it became the library.

Weekend before last Willie informed me that he'd run out of shelf space for books. So we got some books from the library and looked into some built in shelves and realized that it wasn't in our budget, so Willie came up with these semi-built in shelves. He had a great time putting them up and arranging books. We have enough shelf room to get us a few year into the future. Now we just need a comfy chair to finish off the room.

I also included a picture of Wyatt with his new tool belt and tools. We went to a birthday party on Friday and I bought a tool set for the birthday boy. Wyatt wanted it so bad. So I went back later that day and got him one. When he woke up in the morning he said he was so glad the tools were back. I gave him a little tool box to keep them in and he's been working around the clock. We put up the crib for Hank (probable name for the new baby) and Wyatt is still doing some fine tuning on it.


  1. Michelle said...
    Sally your place is so great! I noticed a piece of your kitchen floor, very similar to ours and I wonder if you have a hard time keeping it clean!
    Stratford-DeFord said...
    Hi Michelle,

    I think you see our bathroom floor which looks like tile but it's linoleum so it's easy to keep clean. Do you have a tile kitchen floor?
    Michelle said...
    Yes, and it's linoleum as well and it gets so dirty within an hour, so of course I only clean it at best once a week or if someone is coming to visit. It is easy to clean, just needs to be cleaned all the time.
    virginia said...
    "Hank" has my vote... so cute!

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