Wyatt and Willie took the train to Omaha to visit Willie's parents recently. They had a blast. Wyatt had been talking about going on this train trip for almost a month and I think it lived up to all his expectations. He got to go to the zoo in Omaha, play with his cousins, and go to a place like Chuck E Cheeses. Willie brought his fiddle and read many books and spent time with his parents and his brothers.

I wasn't crazy about an 18 hr (at least) train ride, so I stayed back. While they were gone, I flew to Utah for a few days thanks to a buddy pass from my brother. I did some essential shopping of things I couldn't get in Grand Junction, like a bra in my size. I spent time talking and hanging out with family then came back home to enjoy some alone time. I made a baby quilt for my nephew, went swimming every day, went to some antique stores and laid around. It was great, but I was eager for Willie and Wyatt to get home. I picked them up at the train station and was so happy to see them get off the train and get back to normal family life in Grand Junction. .

And as far as butterfingers go. I have never loved a candy bar like I love this one, at this time in my life. Though I've started regular exercise by recommendation of my midwife, to gain strength for the birth and help with weight gain, I can't cut out the butterfingers. I found four for a dollar on sale today. It was a blessing.


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    sara said...
    wyatt looks so big. it's freaking me out! what a cutie. so glad i wasnt' on that train with them, but we missed them in utah. it was SO MUCH FUN hanging with you in midway. we miss you already...

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