Our baby boy was born Sunday September 30th, (Sally's and my seven-year wedding anniversary) at about 3:00am. He weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces. We've named him Hyrum Gunnison DeFord. We'll call him Hank.

He came really fast. Sally started having regular contractions at 11:45 Saturday night. Her water broke at 12. We went to the hospital at 1, Hank was born at 3. It was an intense couple of hours. During the birth Hank was in distress and his heart rate started to decrease and they needed to get him out fast. The doc said they would have to take the baby by c-section, at which time Sally made one last heroic push and they dragged him out. They took him to intensive care to help him recover from the birth trauma and watched him for a day.

Hank and Sally are doing well. Hank is bald as can be but will most likely grow in some white hair like Wyatt. Wyatt is constantly giving Hank hugs and kisses and calling him his baby brother. We are so happy to have him here and part of our our family. More pictures and doting to come.

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