Life with Hank

It's been 7 weeks since Hank was born. I think we are starting to adjust to having a new baby around. He is adorable. He is so warm and snuggly. He just started smiling and he sleeps a lot. Today was his first trip to Colorado National Monument which we tried to do two weeks ago but we ended up getting in a car accident (no one was hurt but the car) which ruined our plans. He slept on the whole hike. Wyatt just loves him and holds his hand in the car when he's crying. We love Hank so much. We are really glad he's part of our family. I am really enjoying him. I struggled with post-partum depression so long after Wyatt was born and the stresses associated with a preemie that I don't remember just enjoying having a baby around. Even in the middle of the night I'm happy to see Hank and feed and hold him.

I'm really glad I'm not pregnant anymore. Some people really enjoy that time, but for me it felt like the longest 39 weeks of my life. I'm so glad he's finally here! I have my strength back now and I'm feeling good. I can bend over and I started jogging again this week. I'm underslept which I think will last for a while, but I'm getting enough sleep to function. I was retaining so much water towards the end of my pregnancy that I lost 35lbs in the two weeks after Hank was born. I think I'll have to work a little harder to get the rest of the weight off. It obvious I'm getting back into the swing of things because I have a new post of our blog.

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  1. Wendy said...
    Hank is so cute!!! I am so glad you are feeling well!! You look wonderful. As far as the lack of sleep goes I've decided that I will never get caught up until my kids are all 10-12. That's years away....

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