Here is a quilt top I made for Hank right before he was born. I had a spurt of nesting energy and put it together in a few days. All I remember is being hot and uncomfortable at the sewing machine, but driven. I look back on that free time fondly now. It will return some day. I have a feeling this won't be made into a quilt for a while.

Yesterday I took everything out of my fall window boxes. I had some dried millet and flowers so I started making a wreath. It all came back to me. I guess when you make wreaths every day for a job for a couple of years you don't forget. Everything from this wreath is from our garden. I put it on our back porch.

This is a picture of our first fire in our house. We had a gas log that I hated at first then tried to embrace. It didn't give off much heat, it smelled weird, and looked funny. We explored putting in a wood burning insert but it was too expensive. So we had someone come take out the gas log, unplug the chimney and cap off the gas line. Then last night we lit our first fire. It smelled wonderful, sounded great and was beautiful.

Here are some pictures of darling Hank. He is so sweet. I just love having him around. I heard him laugh for the first time yesterday and it was wonderful. I tried to get it on video today but it was hard to take the video and kiss his tummy.


  1. Wendy said...
    The quilt top is beautiful, and the fire looks so cozy. Hank is adorable!!!
    sara said...
    So good to get connected again. I love your house. I would love to stay connected. Check out our blog at
    sara said...
    p.s. you have beautiful children!
    christy said...
    hi sally! chris sent me over to your blog (probably through willie) and i just wanted to say hello. super impressed by the wreath, by the way. particularly given that there's a newborn in your house!
    have a great christmas.
    christy estoll
    Disco Mom said...
    This post offers such a good feel for your home, family and life. Quilts, babies, garden wreaths and cozy fires. How do you not explode with happiness?

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