Here is the classic picture of siblings and cousins in matching pajamas on Christmas. Hank wasn't enjoying the photo shoot.

Wyatt and Willie went on a sleigh ride. Wyatt was so excited and very hyper until he got all cozy in his blanket and fell asleep right after it started.

We spent a lot of time at Calder and Starr's house. It's a great place to hang out in and they have done such a great job on remodeling (practically rebuilding) this old log house. We went in the jacuzzi, made chocolates and played some music.

Here's my mom's house in Midway, Utah where we spent Christmas. It was so snowy and beautiful. Wyatt keeps asking if we are going on vacation again soon. He had so much fun.

We went our our fist Ikea outing when we were in Utah to get Wyatt his own toddler bed. We spent several hours there looking around and feeling overwhelmed by all the things we wanted. It took a lot of restraint to just buy the toddler bed and mattress. This bed is expandable and can go from short, medium to twin size. We are glad we got it.

Here is me and my boys at the condo my mom owns behind her house. It was fun talking back and forth in the deep snow to her house. The nights were starry. I think blurry pictures of Wyatt really capture his personality right now. He's so full of energy and the only time he is still is when he's alseep.

Here's adorable Hank. I am enjoying him so much. He's so friendly and good natured. He was fussy when he was a newborn, perhaps because of my constant consumption of chocolate. He laughs a lot and loves to be held. Sometimes I'm just giddy because I love him so much.

Wyatt has become a sunbeam (the first step out of nursery at church) this year and is very excited about church being more like school. He always talks about going to school someday. Our friend bought this outfit for him and he loves it. He's been having a hard time waiting for Sunday to come so he can wear it.

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