As a lot of you know, the LDS prophet Gordon B. Hinckley died last week. He has been the prophet since I was 19. His funeral was broadcast yesterday. I was really touched by it. I am going to miss him, but I'm also happy that he can rest and be with his wife. I'm really thankful for his life. He was so humble, kind and willing to serve and such a hard worker. I want to be more like him.

In December I joined a gym and have gone almost every day since. After gaining 65lbs in my pregnancy with Hank, I've really had my work cut out for me. Now I have 15lbs left to loose and a new hobby of going to the gym. they have a great daycare and I just love having some time alone to work out. I really mix it up. I run on the treadmill and watch E! news. I take a weight lifting class (called chisel, grr), spin classes, and Pilates classes.

So why the picture of old people in the pool? Well in a constant effort to save money, I applied for a position as a water aerobics instructor at the gym and they agreed to train me. I get a free membership and childcare for teaching twice a week, plus I get to meet a lot of nice seniors. I'm team teaching my first class this Wed. I've declared 2008 as the year of our debts and I'm doing everything in my power to keep our expenses to a minimum so we can pay aggressively on our debts.

Aren't these boys adorable? Something that I love is when all three of us lie on the bed and just talk and play. Sometimes when I feed Hank on the bed Wyatt comes in and touches Hank's hand or kisses his head. In this picture we were all three lying on Wyatt's bed and I went to grab the camera because the lighting was so nice. In this picture Hank has a pink pacifier and a camouflage jumper on. I was thinking the two would cancel themselves out and not make him a sissy or macho. I think the pink pacifier belongs to my niece Vera.

Here is a Lego tower Wyatt built. He takes a lot of architectural risks when building. I had to help him make a steady base so it didn't keep falling over. He was very proud of this tower. Sometimes I ask Wyatt what he wants me to play with him and he mostly wants to play ring around the rosy and Frisbee. He also likes to throw a tennis ball and have me hit it with a racket.

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