We have been working on potty training lately and without much success. I think I missed a good potty training window when I was pregnant, I was just too huge and tired to deal with it. Now I'll say, "Don't you want to go to the bathroom in the toilet, like a big boy?" and he'll say, "no, I'm okay, I'll just wear a diaper." So I've been trying to lure him to use the toilet by getting him great underwear. He really likes them, wears them around for a while until he pees in them and asks for his diaper back. Sometimes he'll just go into the bathroom and go all by himself then ask for his candy reward but it's not consistent enough for me to leave his diaper off all the time.

Wyatt has found the joy of wearing a tie to church. One Sunday we couldn't find his tie so he ended up wearing one of Willie's bow ties. This was the day they took pictures of kids in the primary. I just love this picture. I later found his tie under the couch cushion so he's back to wearing a tie more his size.

Wyatt gave a scripture and prayer in Primary today. It was great, he brought up his bible and opened it and I whispered Matt 11:30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. He said it perfectly followed by a great prayer. He did his prayer himself and just loved using the microphone.

Calder and Starr came for a visit and we had a great time. Here are some pictures from a hike we did in Colorado National Monument. They gave us some sound advice on the future studio and encouraged us to make it really nice. We talked about vegetable oil fuel and now I really want my own vege mobile. It was great to have them around to talk and laugh with.

Starr took all these great pictures. Above is a self portrait of the photographer.

Hank was great on the hike. His hat was a constant annoyance to him, but he liked looking around and fell asleep with his head banging into the backpack on our way back to the car. He was pleased with how many straps there were for him to suck on.

Wyatt saw uncle Calder climbing and immediately wanted to try his hand at it. Below is a picture of him summiting his first climb.

Ah Spring

Not much is new with us. I'm still a total gym head. I go everyday and am seeing good but slow progress on getting back in shape. I decided against being a water aerobics instructor, though I still would like a stylish granny swimming cap. After teaching my first class for my training, I just knew it was going to turn out being more work for me than I was planning on.

Spring has started and all I can think about is the yard. My peas are in and soon I'll put in our other cool weather crops. I'm watching all my perennials as they come back to life and my bulbs are coming up. Every year I'm surprised at how much I love gardening and how much I love spring.

Hank is adorable. He is getting so chubby and now he's reaching for anything and everything to put in his mouth. He's doing pretty well with his sleeping at night so I'm getting more sleep. We just love him so much. Wyatt just loves him and said he's so glad he came to live with us.

A month ago I took a stained glass class and was just filled with creative energy. Right after having a baby I get starved for being creative with my hands. I don't have the free time to work on a quilt or make jewelry. So the evening after this class Willie and I were talking and came up with this idea to turn our garage (that we've never parked in) into an art studio/workshop for stained glass, silversmithing (a future hobby for me), processing produce from the garden, etc. We were really inspired by my brother's barn which serves some of the same purposes.
So within a few hrs of dreaming we decided to pull up the driveway, extend our backyard grass and move the fence. This picture is of the driveway being busted up. Wyatt loved it. This year our dream of sprinklers in the backyard is coming true. They start work tomorrow. Watering was becoming a full time job for me. It gets so hot here. I felt like I was hooking up soaker hose, moving a sprinkler all over the grass and watering the vegetables all in time to start it again.

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