Calder and Starr came for a visit and we had a great time. Here are some pictures from a hike we did in Colorado National Monument. They gave us some sound advice on the future studio and encouraged us to make it really nice. We talked about vegetable oil fuel and now I really want my own vege mobile. It was great to have them around to talk and laugh with.

Starr took all these great pictures. Above is a self portrait of the photographer.

Hank was great on the hike. His hat was a constant annoyance to him, but he liked looking around and fell asleep with his head banging into the backpack on our way back to the car. He was pleased with how many straps there were for him to suck on.

Wyatt saw uncle Calder climbing and immediately wanted to try his hand at it. Below is a picture of him summiting his first climb.


  1. sara said...
    i wish they would come and visit us! think of the challenge it would be for calder to get all the way to new york on one tank of vege gas. i know he could do it; i just know it.
    Wendy said...
    your hike looks like so much fun!!!

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