We painted our family room this weekend. I don't know why we didn't do it sooner. It really lightened up the room. We spend so much time in this room and I've always wanted to paint the bead board white. The color of the walls looks more yellow in these pictures but it's really more of a green/gold.

Aren't these boys so cute!

Here is a before picture of the room. This is right after we bought this house in '05. Look how much Wyatt looks like Hank.

Here is the room now. We redid the fireplace last year and we dream of new, taller windows and of course, the new color calls for a new quilt to hang on the wall above the couch.

This is a pile of Wyatt's hair after I cut it last week. I was cleaning it up and thought, I'm going to take a picture. It's so white and fluffy.

The bike trailer has been great. We took a ride to the library today to look for some new movies (and a few obligitory books). Wyatt loves getting kids movies from the library. He has had the movie cars for the past two weeks and loves it. We may have to get our own copy. He really wants me to make him a cars quilt. It's not really my taste but I'll make the best of it.


A new hobby is born, making aprons. Willie's sister Sarah has had a longtime interest in aprons http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5163284, she even sells some on her online shop. My mom gave me two apron patterns and some great fabric while I was pregnant. I just made my first one. I'm hooked. I already have plans to start my next one today.

I haven't given up quilting but I need some smaller projects so I can actually start and finish something in a week or so. I have a quilt I told a friend I would help her with and I'm embarrassed I've had it for so long. I just need to finish it and set it free so my quilt chi won't be blocked anymore. Then I can start working on one of my many unfinished quilts.

(click on images to enlarge)

I don't know if I've mentioned what great neighbors we have. I just can't believe so many cool people live on one street. So for a birthday celebration we got together with cruising bikes and crazy hats and went downtown to a local brewery to drink, eat and socialize. Wyatt and Hank came in the bike trailer and then we all (the DeFords) went home to work in the yard and the group hit two more spots. We got together later that evening for a BBQ, outdoor fire and music fest. Can you think of a better way to spend the evening?
On the street we have several musicians: Willie (guitar, mando and fiddle), Sally (guitar and upright bass), Melissa (fiddle, guitar and future mando player), Jared (banjo), Zac (guitar), Jeremy (guitar), John (guitar, lap steel). We call ourselves the 17th street band.

If you read our blog a few posts ago you heard we are turning our detached garage into an art studio/out building. We have all kinds of ideas. We first had to start with making a change to our back yard.

This is what it looked like last year.

We took down the fence, took out one dead tree and took up the pavers. We paid someone to take out the driveway.

Last weekend we laid sod and moved the fence. Once the lilacs bush out and the grass greens it will look really nice.


Here are a few inspiration pictures of a garage turned studio.

I'm most interested in lighting in the studio. We want it to be an extension of the garden. Our next move is to find some used windows to put in and possible some french doors that open to the vegetable garden.

This is Calder and Starr's barn. They dissembled it and rebuilt it on their land. It's one of the original inspirations for our studio. It has great lighting and is beautiful. In our studio we plan on doing stained glass, pottery, weaving, silversmithing, eventually glass blowing . . . You get the picture. Willie also had a great idea of getting an old drop down screen from a school or something and projecting from our laptop to watch movies.

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