Neighborhood Pub Crawl

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I don't know if I've mentioned what great neighbors we have. I just can't believe so many cool people live on one street. So for a birthday celebration we got together with cruising bikes and crazy hats and went downtown to a local brewery to drink, eat and socialize. Wyatt and Hank came in the bike trailer and then we all (the DeFords) went home to work in the yard and the group hit two more spots. We got together later that evening for a BBQ, outdoor fire and music fest. Can you think of a better way to spend the evening?
On the street we have several musicians: Willie (guitar, mando and fiddle), Sally (guitar and upright bass), Melissa (fiddle, guitar and future mando player), Jared (banjo), Zac (guitar), Jeremy (guitar), John (guitar, lap steel). We call ourselves the 17th street band.


  1. Wendy said...
    Looks like so much fun!!! Loving this lovely weather!
    Steph said...
    Man, I wish we were hip. I suppose that will have to wait until our post-Family Housing life...

    Do you still have your sweet tricycle? I gotta get me one of those.
    Stratford-DeFord said...
    Hi Stephanie,

    I sold my trike to get a bike for my commute to REI. Now I'm back in the market for a cruiser but with a few different gears. The trike was a 1 speed which made for some hard hills pulling a trailer.

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