Mother's Day Gift

You guessed it. My mother’s day gift was a vacuum. I told Willie that’s what I wanted and he said he felt sheepish about giving that to me. He thought it was a little old school, possibly chauvinistic; suggesting my purpose in life is to keep our house spotless.

Well the truth is, I really wanted a vacuum. I inherited a vacuum from Aunt Marilyn soon after we were married. It was a low end Hoover upright with a powerful self propel (so Aunt Marilyn and Grandma could push it easily). It served us mildly well for 8 years and finally completely stopped picking up anything last month. Hank has just started eating anything he finds on the floor so it was time to buy our first vacuum.

So he got me a nice canister vacuum from Sears. I picked it out and I am in love with it. Come over and I’ll show you all the attachments. It works great in our carpeted room and all our bare floors. Wyatt always wants a turn when I’m vacuuming.

Evaporative Cooler Technician

We had our first couple of days in the 90’s this week. I ended my pregnancy last year with out cooler not working well and me being so very hot. I’m not really one for the heat. I got a quote to fix it for $600 in the fall and I decided to make Willie fix it. In general I’m pretty flexible about gender rolls and Willie even more so. But I realized with this cooler that I just expected Willie to fix it because traditionally a man fixes the cooler and I didn’t want to do it. After our first hot day and him trying his best we still needed help.

Sometime between that evening and the morning, I realized that I am the one who needs to be the Evaporative Cooler Technician. I’m home more. I can get a quick sitter for the kids. I’m smart. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been because of my recent weight training. I realized that what was holding me back is that I didn’t feel like learning about it. So I had someone come over yesterday and paid him $90 to teach me what i need to know while fixing the cooler. He taught me to winterize it, start it up in the spring and we fixed two leaks, cleared a clogged tube and lubed her up for a good season. It was my first time on the roof and I realized our roof is really only bad in one part and we could replace that. I also started thinking I should move on to fixing our toilet in the basement.

Moab Campout

Here are some pictures from our yearly Moab campout and raft trip with families from Willie’s law firm. Frankly, adding a baby to the mix made it a little tiring for me. We fit a blow up mattress and pack ‘n play in the tent but it was so cold (50 degrees) that Hank had to sleep with us, so we had all four of us on the mattress. I didn’t sleep much. Willie rode the river but Wyatt didn’t want to this year. He said he didn’t want to get splashed. I couldn’t go because it was too long to leave Hank for nursing purposes. It was beautiful, though. I love the campsite, the river, the red rock, and all the wildflowers. The boys and I went into town and hit the public library and found some grassy shade to eat lunch. It was fun, but instead of leaving Sunday morning, I talked Willie into us coming home Saturday night so I could get more sleep.

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