Long Spring

Our spring has been so long this year. It was in the 70's today. We moved here three years ago and it hit 106 in May. It was record breaking, but it still scared me to death. I'm not one for the heat. I think 80 degrees is my favorite daytime temperature.

Life is great right now. Hank has grown out of his fussy baby stage and is an explorer and entertains himself constantly. He can pull himself up on things and eats anything on the floor so it's upped my housekeeping efforts. Wyatt is the sweetest little boy. Every now and again if he's short on sleep and hungry he can be a pest, but in general he's so sweet and funny and smart.

I'm sure you have noticed the beautiful bike above. Well this is my new bike. I'm so excited! (I don't use exclamation points casually). This 3 speed beauty is such a smooth ride. I have to wait a week for it to come but I test drove one in another color. I'm selling my mountain bike, which has never been off the road with me riding it. This has the feel of my dear tricycle that I sold for my mountain bike, but it it so much nicer.

Behold the garden. The peas are ripe for picking; the tomatoes are one their way to hugeness and my garden gnome is keeping guard of my herbs with a bushy dill right to the side of him.

My darling boys.

This is my most recent project. When growing up I remember that my mom was always working on some project. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I am in the middle of a quilt for our wall, but took a short detour to make this purse below. I saw a purse/tote at a store that I really liked. It was $55 and I thought, hmm, maybe I'll make one like it and see if it's the type of bag for me. So I used an old jacket that was in my goodwill pile. The jacket belonged to calder in high school and I inherited it and just decided to get rid of it, oh it's old.

My new bag went shopping at Sam's today and to the farmer's market. I think it's a great size. Today I had my wallet, a packet of 2 diapers and wipes, a granola bar, a small bottle of water and my sunglasses.


  1. Travis said...
    Love the bag. You're so talented!
    Wendy said...
    Love, Love.Love the bike....the color is perfect. The bag turned out so nice, you are so innovative!!!!
    christy said...
    A+ for the bag!

    when i was in high school, my best friend and i had a pair of pants we stole from a boy and we passed back and forth. they were, for some reason, named the 'world traveling pants'. i think one of us wore them to iowa or something. :)

    anyway, fast forward a few years, and the raggedy boy pants were just not that fashionable anymore. so, i made them into the 'world traveling bag.' really, i thought it was a stroke of genius!

    so, all that to say, have fun with your jacket-bag, it looks great!
    virginia said...
    Awesome bag!!! And the bike rocks. Where did you get it? I saw Travis, Sara, Scout, Calder, and Crosby in NYC last week. They are such a cute family. I randomly saw Amy's husband at the Colonial 1st ward in Washington DC a few days later. Funny huh? Didn't get to say hello to him but I recognized him from the family reunion two summers ago. I hear they have two girls now, wow, the Stratford clan just keeps growing and growing. Hope all is well, Sally. I sure do you love ya! xoxo from Los Angeles, Virginia
    starr said...
    ok, your talents are as bounteous as your garden. Love the bag. Also love the bike. I love that you have so many relatively flat streets to ride it on too. I had three tomato plants and they all froze while we were baking at the beach last weekend. Not exactly the green thumb I wish I were. So I may be heading your way to stock up after they ripen to a rosy red.
    Jewel Stratford said...
    What a darling bag - and the fact that you made it from one of Calder's old jackets makes it even more dear. Your Dad just got a new bike today. He is acting like it is Christmas morning - a mountain bike so he can ride up in the mountains above Ephraim. The right bike means so much. We are glad you could get the one you can really use.

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