My Boys

I have the cutest boys in the world. Whenever I go to the grocery store or anywhere, people always comment on how cute they are. I couldn't agree more. I enjoy them so much. I love being their mom.

Here's Wyatt's church outfit last week. I think the shorts are a nice touch.

Sometimes I wonder if any of Hank's food gets in his mouth.

Wyatt has huge muscles and always like to show them off.


  1. Wendy said...
    Those shades are so cool, I hope he kept them on for primary...I am sure the teachers thought he was adorable. Not may people can pull off crocks with a blazer but I think Wyatt did!!
    Jewel Stratford said...
    You DO have the cutest boys in all of the world,,,and they are such sweet, dear souls. Love the photos.
    Melynne & Noah said...
    I love, love your blog! I wish I were there to eat strawberries and smell the flowers. Your boys are beyond adorable. Your life looks like a beautiful picture book!
    Amy said...
    They are so cute! I love their white hair.

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