So I made a new apron.  My sister-in-law, Starr, asked me to make her an apron.  I'm flattered because I think she has great taste.  We'll see if I can make something worthy of her kitchen.  I made a prototype for myself.  It's below.  I like that it doesn't go around the neck and that it's not fitted.  The last thing I want to do while cooking is suck in my gut.  So I was going more for the granny on the farm look instead of the small waisted 50's look.  

My mom gave me a dress form that I used to make this apron.  It's been fun to have around.  This dress form must be a size 4, without much in the bust.  So I put an old bra on her and stuffed it so I could get my apron to fit.  I put a shade shirt on her for modesty's sake.  

I think the pictures below speak for themselves.  I have two darling sons.  

Willie's Grandpa, William (Bill) Ferrara died this month and we went to his funeral in Denver. Here is his Obituary.

I didn't know Bill very well, but I got to spend some time with him on several occasions.  I felt like we had plants and flowers in common.  He used to be a grower of flowers in MA and he worked in a greenhouse.  He would cook for us and encourage us to eat more and more.  He came to visit after Wyatt was born and seemed so concerned.  He always sent us cards and money for birthdays and holidays.  We took a scenic train ride to the top of Pikes Peak and got to listen to stories from his life.  He was a sole surviver of a navel ship wreck.  He said he remembered bobbing in the ocean for two full days and nights then waking up in a hospital.

Shortly after Hank was born, Willie had to go to Denver for a legal seminar.  On Halloween he took Wyatt trick or treating and then left for Denver, arriving around midnight.  The next morning he went to his seminar, and in the evening he thought he'd drive straight home before it got too late.  He felt like he should visit his grandpa but decided instead to get on the road.  He got lost (that's not unusual for him) and then found himself at his grandfather's exit.  So he called from a pay phone and asked if he could stop in.  By the time he got to his grandpa's apartment five minutes later, his grandpa had a pot of soup on the stove.  They ate dinner and talked well into the night.  Willie slept on the couch and drove home early the next morning.  At the time, his grandpa was healthy and independent, and Willie didn't know why he was lead to his house that night.  That was the last time he saw his grandpa.   

Bill was cremated and buried at a military cemetery.  He served in the navy in World War II.

Willie played Ashoken Farewell on the fiddle and I accompanied on guitar.  

After the funeral we ate together and everyone but Hank and I went hiking up by Red Rocks.  I went back to the hotel with Hank so he could take a nap.  It sounds weird to say you had fun at a funeral, but it was so wonderful being with Willie's family.  

It's been almost a year since I've completed a quilt. With an uncomfortable pregnancy and a newborn around, it was just too hard to put a lot of time into it. We'll I'm back.

After we painted our family room I went to work on a new quilt to hang on the wall. It was so fun making it. It went slower than I wanted, but my free time is pretty limited right now. In the evenings I always have a long list of things to do: clean up, work in the garden, quilt, watch The Daily Show with Willie, play music, etc. So I just worked a little on this at a time. I just love quilting. I have several unfinished quilts so hopefully I'll finish another soon.

I'll post some pictures of quilting details which is brave of me. I'm still pretty sloppy, but I feel like I've made good strides with this quilt. I'm encouraged that that I'm improving.

I have some throw pillows in mind to make for the couch beneath the quilt. I'm thinking some different colors and textures that reflect the greens on the side of the road on the way home from Moab. I get such a high from creating things. I love it.

We had a great fourth of July. We had friends from the neighborhood come over for a bbq and we have a great view of the fireworks from our front lawn. Wyatt was so excited about fireworks. We had a few little boys that just went crazy every time we let them off. Willie even rode his bike to a fireworks stand to get more but they were already sold out.

I remember the first 4th of July we lived in this house. We didn't really know anyone and we just celebrated the three of us (pre Hank). We were so lonely for good friends. I remember wondering if we'd ever make friends here like we had in Boulder. Well, all I can say is that we weren't lonely long. We've been blessed with wonderful friends.

On the evening of the 5th we braved camping again. Our neighbors are checking out a 40 acre lot up above Grand Junction so we camped with them to get a feel for the land. It was beautiful. We had some great light rain and a late night talking and playing the guitar. I slept slightly better than our last camping trip. At one point in the night Hank was crying and I looked over and Wyatt was sleeping right through it. So I finally got the guts to have them sleep in the same room. Hank still cries but it doesn't seem to bother Wyatt.

Our neighbor Jared let Willie and Wyatt take his jeep up on the campout. Wyatt loved it. Here is a picture of him the next morning in his pajamas with his hiking boots and vest. If you look closely he has a small carabiner attached to his vest. What a cute little camper.

Here is the view from our camp spot. It's the valley of Grand Junction and the grand mesa.

Friday evening something scary happened. Hank was on the floor exploring as usual and Wyatt flicked him on the head with some underwear. I scolded Wyatt for hitting him on the head and went to pick up Hank as he started to cry. After picking him up, I noticed his lips start to turn blue and he was having a very long pause between his cry. He then passed out in my arms, opened his eyes but kept rolling them back, was still limp and was twitching a little bit.

At the time i didn't relate what was happening to his long pause in crying. I just thought he'd been injured or was having a seizure or something. I was so panicked. I called 911, mostly thinking they could give me some advice. They just asked questions and said they were sending someone over. Between the time I made the call and when they arrived (less than 5 minutes), Hank became responsive and seemed to come back to normal.

The paramedics came and were so nice. They checked Hank over and explained that sometimes babies hold their breath so long when crying they pass out and it takes a few minutes for them to come out of the daze. I had heard of this before, but it didn't cross my mind at the time it happened. So they left and several neighbors came by to make sure everything was fine. After I called Willie and things settled down I just burst out crying. For the next couple of hours I felt like I'd just exercised really hard. The rush of adrenaline from panic and fear wiped me out. Poor Wyatt cried during the whole thing thinking he'd done it by flicking him with his underwear. I tried to tell him it wasn't his fault and that what happened was just from Hank's long cry. I hope he knows that.

I just love Hank so much. I'm so glad everything is okay.

My mom came to visit for a week and it was so fun. She worked in the yard, cleaned the house, and watched the kids. Willie and I went to a movie. She bought Wyatt candy at the store (which almost never happens). I took her to Pilate's with me and showed her the gym (my home away from home). I took naps. We worked on projects in the evening while listening to the TV.

Wyatt and Hank just love their grandma. The day after she got here, I came down with a bad mastitis. It was the worst I've had in a while. I had fever and chills and vomiting. Her timing was perfect. I slept almost all day and recovered quickly.

Hank is an explorer. He's crawling all over and pulling himself up on everything, then bobbing up an down because he's so excited he can pull himself up. He's a grass eater right now, which is hard because if I turn my head for a second he shoves a fistful of grass in his mouth.

I just love my kids. They are the cutest creatures on earth.

There was plenty of jamming while my mom was here and it was fun to have her take some pictures since we are usually too busy playing to take any.

Our neighbor John, the front man of the 17th street band, is the program director of our community radio station. He's in the white shirt in this picture. He interviewed a band from Boston on the air, Sweet Wednesday, and invited them over to jam with us. Scott Homer, a BYU friend was also in town. Willie ended up playing mandolin with them at their local performance at the radio room.

So here's the new haircut. My mom helped motivate me to get my hair cut for a fresh look. I've been having the blahs. She suggested I return to a cut I had in 1996. So I brought back the shoulder length bob. The cut of 1996 was actually a grown out disgusting short, aline cut I got in London. Oh, it was bad. I don't dare post a picture of it.Then as it grew out in while we were in the republic of Georgia, our host Gkaka, tried his hand at hair cutting and took off the layered mess in the back, introducing me to the short bob.

These pictures don't do the cut justice. I had just woken up from a wonderful nap in one and the other is taken with Wyatt's toy camera.

This June we had our first annual 17th street block party. The city gave us a grant of $250 to cover food and other expenses. We closed off our block and invited several blocks for great food, music, a bonfire and a lot of socializing. We live by some wonderful people.

In this picture Wyatt is performing itsy bitsy spider, rock'n roll style. He was a hit. We've formed a little band, called the 17th street band and I'm the bass player. It's been great to get me practicing and improving on the bass. It's so fun!

We ended a great party with a bonfire.

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