17th Street Block Party

This June we had our first annual 17th street block party. The city gave us a grant of $250 to cover food and other expenses. We closed off our block and invited several blocks for great food, music, a bonfire and a lot of socializing. We live by some wonderful people.

In this picture Wyatt is performing itsy bitsy spider, rock'n roll style. He was a hit. We've formed a little band, called the 17th street band and I'm the bass player. It's been great to get me practicing and improving on the bass. It's so fun!

We ended a great party with a bonfire.


  1. thedoodlegirl said...
    Well it sounds like your life is full of good family, friends, beautiful kids, great music, and a gorgeous new haircut! What fun it is to look at your blog! You have always been such a fun person to be around and I can see that you bring that to everyone you know. What a fun street party and I had no idea you played bass! You talented girl, you!
    Wendy said...
    That looks like so much fun, and how cool the city gave you $250 bucks....Your boys are so cute and gowning up fast!!! Lucky you to have your mom for a week.

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