Bill Ferrara's Funeral

Willie's Grandpa, William (Bill) Ferrara died this month and we went to his funeral in Denver. Here is his Obituary.

I didn't know Bill very well, but I got to spend some time with him on several occasions.  I felt like we had plants and flowers in common.  He used to be a grower of flowers in MA and he worked in a greenhouse.  He would cook for us and encourage us to eat more and more.  He came to visit after Wyatt was born and seemed so concerned.  He always sent us cards and money for birthdays and holidays.  We took a scenic train ride to the top of Pikes Peak and got to listen to stories from his life.  He was a sole surviver of a navel ship wreck.  He said he remembered bobbing in the ocean for two full days and nights then waking up in a hospital.

Shortly after Hank was born, Willie had to go to Denver for a legal seminar.  On Halloween he took Wyatt trick or treating and then left for Denver, arriving around midnight.  The next morning he went to his seminar, and in the evening he thought he'd drive straight home before it got too late.  He felt like he should visit his grandpa but decided instead to get on the road.  He got lost (that's not unusual for him) and then found himself at his grandfather's exit.  So he called from a pay phone and asked if he could stop in.  By the time he got to his grandpa's apartment five minutes later, his grandpa had a pot of soup on the stove.  They ate dinner and talked well into the night.  Willie slept on the couch and drove home early the next morning.  At the time, his grandpa was healthy and independent, and Willie didn't know why he was lead to his house that night.  That was the last time he saw his grandpa.   

Bill was cremated and buried at a military cemetery.  He served in the navy in World War II.

Willie played Ashoken Farewell on the fiddle and I accompanied on guitar.  

After the funeral we ate together and everyone but Hank and I went hiking up by Red Rocks.  I went back to the hotel with Hank so he could take a nap.  It sounds weird to say you had fun at a funeral, but it was so wonderful being with Willie's family.  


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