I just finished another apron. I'm making one for my sister for a birthday present. She’s already picked out her fabric, but I needed to make a prototype. After making this one I realize that I need to work off a pattern. I had to do a lot of fine tuning on this apron. If I started out with a pattern and embellished it, it would be easier. Thank goodness for my dress form.

A fun detail is the flower on the pocket. I have a friend from church who has become my quilting mentor. She's a real artist. She gave me a book about fabric flowers. This was my first attempt and I love how it turned out. I had to go heavy on the spray starch to get it to fold right.

More great news (if you consider the fact that I just made a new apron great news too). I now have a cell phone. Just another wonderful perk from working for my brother. It's been fun not having a cell phone because people just can't believe it. On a non professional level a cell phone is not a need, just a want. So I couldn't justify the bill. Traveling without a cell phone is the pits when pay phones are getting harder and harder to find. Plus I have been a total cell phone mooch, giving a friends cell number to the baby sitter, etc. I think Willie is headed for a cell phone too. Professionally speaking, it's getting to the point where it's expected. We must first finish up the year of the debts(free from any debt that isn’t school loans or our mortgage).

I have decided that I will never talk on the cell phone in the car because I don't appreciate sloppy drivers who are on the phone. It's just not safe. Click
here to read 10 steps to good cell phone etiquette. So far I've given out the number for work related things but I've only received a call from my sister and several people trying to get a hold of Mohamad, who must have just cancelled his phone. Call me! 917-434-2322


  1. Hilma Bellessa said...
    The apron is very cool. You do a good job with color and getting the vintage look. I'll call you on the cell phone. I forget you have it. I love you a lot!
    Sarah said...
    The shaping on that apron is darling!
    Jewel Stratford said...
    Love the apron and the detail. We are glad that you have a cell phone. It will be beneficial in so many ways, not to mention the 'safety' factor.
    Steph said...
    You know, I think Mohammad used to live here. People are calling for him all the time.

    If I ever call you (sorry, at least I check your blog!), I'll be sure to call your land line first. Of course, I'll never call before six b/c I have to wait for the nighttime minutes to start - cell phones are great, but yikes, they can be complicated.

    LOVE the apron - especially the flower!
    Melynne said...
    I love watching your life via internet! So... you really have stayed close to those hippie roots and not had a cell phone all this time? I love that you have always been a bit of a rebel, non- conformist! I want to come visit your magical life sometime and eat real, live veggies that weren't shipped from Chile and wear aprons not made in China. Your quilts and aprons are so amazing! Are there any talents you don't have?
    p.s. tell mohammad i'll call later.
    christy said...
    very impressed with your sewerliness! ok, that word should be sew-er, not sewer. ok, i know it's not really a word.

    anyway, what i'm saying is, bravo!
    jake-ifer said...
    Sally has a cell phone!!?? No way! Love the apron. How is everything?

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