Ah September

I love September. Later down the road, when I take up writing again, I’ll have a collection of memoirs called September. It’s a time of celebration and harvest in our family.

I was born in September so I have all kinds of memories about birthday parties and anticipation of gifts, extra spending money, etc. I remember one birthday we had a campout at the rock canyon campground. We all stayed up late talking and we woke up to someone playing bagpipes in our campsite.

Willie and I got married in September. This month we’ll celebrate our 8th anniversary. We spent our honeymoon up by Yellowstone and then several great anniversaries at Strawberry hot springs (video here). So the mating call of the Elk, the turning leaves and the cool weather will always remind me of us. Our first kiss wasn’t in September, maybe October, but I can remember it well. Willie was wearing a brown corduroy shirt and jeans. We kissed once in the living room of his apartment then he walked me out to my car and we kissed again. The night was cold, we could probably see our breath and I had butterflies. It was magical. I am one lucky woman to be married to this man.

My two children were born in September. I can’t tell you how sweet they are. They bring so much joy to Willie and me. Wyatt will turn 4 this month and Hank will be one.

I remember when I was on bed rest at the hospital in Boulder; I could get out of bed for one wheelchair ride a day. Willie would take me outside by a fountain with flowers around it. I remember feeling fall in the air, admiring the few blanket flowers still hanging in there. After Wyatt was born and still in the hospital I remember pumping during the night and hearing coyotes yipping outside. Willie and I would walk along the train tracks and creek path by the hospital enjoying the colorful foliage.

Last year when I was pregnant with Hank we came into so much produce. Someone gave us a box of grapes and peaches and apples. I remember staying up late working on canning so exhausted and hot and HUGE but feeling satisfied when I made good use of the local harvest. I remember the night before Hank was born, my contractions started suddenly, I took a shower (where my water conveniently broke) and we changed the sheets for my neighbor to come stay with Wyatt. We left a little before midnight and I remember it being a beautiful night, so quiet outside and peaceful as we drove to the hospital. We got green lights and tree lined streets the whole way. It wasn’t far, maybe two or three contractions away. Hank was born about 2 hrs later.

If you are still reading this lengthy tribute to September, you must love it too or you’re totally bored at work.


  1. Business Networking Tips said...
    I kept reading, not so much because I love September, but because I love you. I'm so glad you're in our family.

    Hilma Bellessa said...
    I was just out walking today and felt that "magical" coolness of September with the leaves getting brilliant on the hills. It is a special time to me because it has my memories of you as well.

    Thank you for sharing such sweet feelings and thoughts. I love you.

    Wendy said...
    There is nothing better than crisp fall days. You have a way with words my dear! Happy birthday(s) anniversary and Fall to you!!
    Steph said...
    I am so with you, Sally. I'm jealous that you got to have a September wedding, but we just didn't want to wait that long. Beautiful pictures - you guys are so stylish.
    The Waites said...

    I absolutely love the fall. You write about it very well. We miss you guys are you coming this way any time soon? I'm actually feeling a little down tonight. We just found out that the sale of our house in Yakima just fell through. What a roller coaster. We are trying to regroup and figure out what we are supposed to do. By the way in the last picture of your post is that Wyatt when he was little or is that Hank walking!?
    Hilma Bellessa said...
    I just watched all the videos. The are so wonderfully done and beautiful. The one of Wyatt when he was two is a masterpiece. Hank and Wyatt are fortunate to have such loving, sensitive parents who love each other so much.

    Watching made my day.
    Jewel Stratford said...
    Autumn has always been my favorite time of year, too. I found my little scarecrow for the porch to signal to little children that fun people live here and that they are welcome to come and trick-or-treat. So many wonderful things have come to your life in September, no wonder you love it so!
    Melynne said...
    thank you for the beautiful walk into september and i love the birth story. vegas doesn't seem to experience that cool eather until, well, december it seems! you need to start writing again. seriously, are there any talents you do not possess?! breathe some cool air for me.
    Rebecca Hill said...

    I love your ode to September. We miss the seasons here, and we miss you. I love the leaves too, and my memories of my sons' births are also poignant.

    thedoodlegirl said...
    All 5 of my kids have been born in the fall so I totally get that nostalgic feeling, too! I have always loved Halloween best and never tire of the miracle of the changing fall leaves. You are a brilliant writer! Love you woman!
    Daiph said...
    Beautiful post, Sally.

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