Here is the 17th street band playing at the Grand Junction independence film festival, right before they had an outdoor movie. Nancy Rizzo who lives on 17th street and is a wonderful photographer took this picture. Things have really picked up for the band this month. We are having a great time playing around town. We got to play at the botanic garden outdoor theatre, live on KAFM, at a wedding in Ridgeway and at a black box theater after a play. Someone paid $500 as a pledge to the community radio station (KAFM) for us to play a gig for them. We are trying to get some good recordings of our songs so I can post them.

Here's Hank eating a tomato on the back porch.

Wyatt is having such a great time at preschool. One day I picked him up and he was wearing these "jet packs". He was flying all around and shooting out of the one on his arm. I love to see him using his imagination. I really like this preschool.

Wyatt tells us endless stories about his imaginary friend named Wyatt (it can get confusing) like, his friend Wyatt has 5 cats with braces, a car seat with jet packs, he just had a baby named Hank, he works in a cheese factory, he has 100 kids named Wyatt that died and just came back to life. His friend Wyatt also has a car that turns into a helicopter, he was recently baptized Mormon and before that he drank coffee. Once he said we couldn't go to the gym because his friend Wyatt was still sleeping. I suggested we call a babysitter (confirming how imaginary this friend was) and he laughed and said, "mom, he's not real".

Notice all the tomatoes behind him. I'm planting even less tomatoes next year.

Here is the garden overtaken by tomatoes. Yet another season of an overgrown but very productive garden.

This is our first season of grapes. Our vine is a couple years old. They are seedless concord grapes.

Our eggplant has been wonderful. I just love eggplant.

I love all my flowers. It's great having arrangements like this around the house all the time.

We got to pick a few boxes of free peaches from a friend of a friends orchard. We canned and froze them and constantly ate them but a few still wen to waste.


  1. Hilma Bellessa said...
    Your harvest is fabulous. Ours has been so sad this year. I can't believe all you grow in your little plot. The deer have been a real problem this year.

    You're getting famous! I love the shadow photo. It would look good on a CD cover.

    I also loved hearing about Wyatt's fantasy life. He is such an interesting good kid. I love him a whole lot. I have the picture of the two of us as my computer wallpaper. Give him a hug for me. I'll look forward to Christmas.
    Jewel Stratford said...
    I am just crazy about produce. If you want to give me a really great time, take me to an open market. You really have a bumper crop and I'm glad that Hank will eat tomatoes like other children eat sweet treats. You are doing a great job exposing your children to all types of good food and bounties of the earth. The band sounds fun and I'm glad you have that outlet. I look forward to the times when I can play with the group here. Non-musicians can never really understand the satisfaction of personal expression through music. You and Willie are some of the lucky ones.
    Sarah said...
    What beautiful photos!

    I am sorry I missed your radio performance this time. I love hearing it last time! I am glad you all are having so much fun and you sound great!

    As far as gardening--you are the MASTER! I don't know anyone who has the magic touch like you! Beautiful!

    You boys, too are just so cute! LOVE the jet packs! That is something Willie would have done when he was little. So cute!
    Wendy said...
    Your produce is absolutely amazing!!! I love hearing about little Wyatt's imagination he is so adorable! He and McKay would have a riot playing together. That photo of your shadows is AWESOME!!
    thedoodlegirl said...
    Ah, the life of Sally. What a fantastic life you lead!! What a cool pic of your band. So awesome. I loved seeing those darling pics of your kids doing their cute things. Wyatt is incredibly imaginitive! That is so great. Beautiful flowers, wonderful peaches. Great, fun, and fulfilling life.

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