Yesterday we took a day trip to Telluride, Co. It's about 2 hrs from Grand Junction. I'm glad Willie urged me to do it. I don't like long car trips with the boys. Hank can really cry sometimes. It's also hard not having a home base to take naps and rest. So yes, I'm a bit of a party pooper sometimes but I'm really glad we went to Telluride. It was so beautiful and interesting. These pictures don't do it justice. The mountains are magnificent. The town is so good looking. Every house was right out of cottage living. The shops were interesting and very expensive. There was a film festival going on so there was a very urban feel with all the people around with flowy scarves and expensive jeans. It was great. the town reminded me a little of marblehead, Ma and it smelled like London, maybe a lot of cigarette smoke. The boys did great. Wyatt was excited and happy the whole time.

I mostly enjoyed the great cool weather and the wonderful scenery and just hanging with the family.

This is at the top of the mountain that the gondola goes over. It was so windy. They had a nature center where we got to touch pelts of wild animals and talk with a great ranger. The elevation is 10,500 feet.

Wyatt loved the gondola and also liked practicing funny faces with the camera.

Hank loves being in the stroller. he just looks around and enjoys the ride.

Wyatt is the cutest little otudoorsman. He kept asking when we were going to hike as soon as we were about 20 miles out of town.

Here's the main street will all kinds of interesting shops and restaurants. Look at the huge mountain right in the background.

Wyatt started preschool today. It was different for me to switch up our schedule. I missed him and just hanging out with Hank is very quiet compared to Wyatt's constant chatting. He had a great time with the kids at school. I signed him up for a Montessori program not far from our house. I think it will be great for him. he was really missed by the kids and nursery attendants at the gym. Everyone loves Wyatt.


  1. Jen said...
    I wish we had gone to Telluride when we lived there! It looks like a beautiful place! Does Wyatt like preschool? I'm sure he was really excited to go!It must also be nice to just be able to have some one on one time with Hank.
    sara said...
    oh wyatt. he is such a happy guy FULL of great energy. he has one of the best personalities in a kid i've ever seen. it must be great having a kid you know is going to love everything you take him to do.

    telluride looks great. i've never been... i keep waiting for tomkat to invite us down, but it just never happens.
    Jewel Stratford said...
    Looks like a wonderful outing. It often requires effort to make a memory. You're good parents to take the boys to such fun places.
    Kate said...
    I can't believe Wyatt and Ellah are going to pre-school. I remember when they first started going to nursery.

    I hope Wyatt enjoyed pre-school, Ellah sure did.
    virginia said...
    Hank is adorable, I totally have a crush on him!

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