Here is a video of Hank practicing walking. It is so cute. It won't be long until he gives up crawling completely. He's just such a fast crawler. Today I put him down for his second nap and he just whined and chatted and never fell asleep. So I went in to get him and rocked him a bit and cuddled him. Then he scooted off my lap and crawled about 50 MPH out of the room in an attempt to get out of the nap completely.

I still have to blog about our trip to DC. I have so many pictures to sort through, that I haven't pulled it together yet. If you want a sneak peak, you can check out my sister's blog. We had so much fun. Wyatt said next time he wanted to stay 100 days. I agree.

As for my feelings, they are back. If you didn't know, I've had severe post pardum depression with both of my kids. I took antidepressants for about a year after each pregnancy. I am so thankful for whoever invented this medication. It has rescued/saved me and my family from some really hard times. With that said, both times I've been glad to stop taking it and have my full spectrum of feelings back.

Yesterday Wyatt and I were watching a show on animal planet about a woman who's group cared for an injured ape and its brand new baby. The baby was very ill and they nursed it back to health. Wyatt was very concerned because the baby had a broken arm and was wearing a cast. So once the baby ape and mother were well, they tried to reunite the mother and baby. The baby had bonded to the doctor that had nursed it back to health, and the mother ape's milk had dried up from the trauma and separation. The baby ape cried all night and wouldn't eat. The doctor cried too. Anyway, all this to say, I was in tears. Watching this I had so much love for my children and the chance I have to be a mother through the good and the bad. It felt wonderful to feel again. And yes, the mother ape and baby were successfully reunited

September was a party month at the DeFords.  Here are some pictures to give you a feel for the festivities.

This is my neighborhood birthday dinner.  My neighbor Jenny made delicious fajitas, I made a lemon cake, we had a pinata, and enjoyed hanging out.  Willie set up a projector and we watched a movie on the side of our garage and had a fire in the fall night.   

Wyatt was so excited for his birthday.  We had a cake on  his actual birthday and we had a birthday party the Saturday after. Wyatt's party was great.  He had been asking for some walkie-talkies for months and that's what he got.  
Hank got a cookie for his birthday and since my and Willie's anniversary is the same day, he got the short end of the stick this year.  He didn't seem to care and he actually didn't eat the whole cookie.  Wyatt had a baby food cake for his birthday so I've really loosened up by giving Hank a cookie, it was packed with oatmeal and oat bran and raisins to help boost the healthy factor.

For my birthday Willie bought me a stained glass grinder to complete my stained glass studio.  We had a great time painting the workshop and organizing all the tools.  This has turned out to be a wonderful place for me to escape to.  I see it including tools for jewelry making, fusing glass, glass beads and possibly ceramics in the future.  Willie is so supportive of my projects and creations.  I'm so lucky.

Here's Wyatt in the shop.
I have made several stained glass stars to start practicing my skills.  I have them hanging here in the kitchen. I'm signed up for a stained glass class that starts next week.  I'm so interested in glass right now.  I want to find a way to recycle glass.  I have some beautiful wine bottles from my neighbors in the shop.  I may make some vases or drinking glasses.

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