Here is a video of Hank practicing walking. It is so cute. It won't be long until he gives up crawling completely. He's just such a fast crawler. Today I put him down for his second nap and he just whined and chatted and never fell asleep. So I went in to get him and rocked him a bit and cuddled him. Then he scooted off my lap and crawled about 50 MPH out of the room in an attempt to get out of the nap completely.

I still have to blog about our trip to DC. I have so many pictures to sort through, that I haven't pulled it together yet. If you want a sneak peak, you can check out my sister's blog. We had so much fun. Wyatt said next time he wanted to stay 100 days. I agree.

As for my feelings, they are back. If you didn't know, I've had severe post pardum depression with both of my kids. I took antidepressants for about a year after each pregnancy. I am so thankful for whoever invented this medication. It has rescued/saved me and my family from some really hard times. With that said, both times I've been glad to stop taking it and have my full spectrum of feelings back.

Yesterday Wyatt and I were watching a show on animal planet about a woman who's group cared for an injured ape and its brand new baby. The baby was very ill and they nursed it back to health. Wyatt was very concerned because the baby had a broken arm and was wearing a cast. So once the baby ape and mother were well, they tried to reunite the mother and baby. The baby had bonded to the doctor that had nursed it back to health, and the mother ape's milk had dried up from the trauma and separation. The baby ape cried all night and wouldn't eat. The doctor cried too. Anyway, all this to say, I was in tears. Watching this I had so much love for my children and the chance I have to be a mother through the good and the bad. It felt wonderful to feel again. And yes, the mother ape and baby were successfully reunited


  1. Hilma Bellessa said...
    That's the cutest video ever! It shows such love between the two brothers. I'm glad Wyatt isn't an only child. He is such a wonderful big brother.
    JNH said...
    I really appreciate your honesty! After my first it was hard, after my second do to him being an amazing sleeper (sleep right of the the start can make such a big difference, and help from a SIL for the first 2 weeks) I was pretty ok, and then with my 3rd from when it hit at 2 weeks to about 7-8 months it was so hard that I am still amazed sometimes that I made it!
    I love when the happyness returns. Kudo's to you!
    And the walking clip is way cute!
    Travis said...
    this makes me want to get a video camera. So special.
    Travis said...
    Okay. I actually read the post (as opposed to just looking at the video). So thoughtful and nice. I'm so glad the feelings are back and you're feeling good!
    Lewis Barton said...
    I love your blog. You have a fantastic perspective on life. It's obvious that it is contagious and your family is feeling that same love.

    Sincerely, Lewis
    ps: You and Melynne have inspired me to create a blog it's:
    The Waites said...
    I just love this stage. I could just give that little Hank a big squeeze. It's so cute to see how excited the older siblings get when their little brother/sister learns how to do things. Mckinley is always astounded when the girls learn something new. He will say, "Mom, I can't believe that she can do that!" I love the surprise in his voice.
    ellabella said...
    Sally, you and every other woman on earth who has risked her life and well being to bring a precious new being into this world, deserves a medal and a party. I'm throwing a mental party in your honor, for your earnestness in creating a beautiful life for your family, and for your kindness and unselfishness. You are a warrior!

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