Yes, both of these pictures are a stone's throw from our house.  Well, if you had a canon to throw the stone with, but still they are close enough for us to enjoy regularly. I'm not quite sure how it happened, but the desert is part of who I am.  I love it.  I can't leave it.  Maybe it's a collective experience of childhood vacations to Palm Springs, my childhood homes by rock Camp and the back side of the mountain, backpacking trips in Southern Utah, soaking in the hot springs at Pah Tempe and hiking in Zion National Park, etc. 

I think I realized this all when Willie and I lived in Massachusetts for a year. Below is an excerpt from my journal.  It wasn't long after I wrote this that I told Willie I saw the eyes of a coyote glowing in the tunnel of the T on my way to work.  That's when he knew it was time to get me back West.

8/20/01: The other night at dinner we ate overlooking the harbor in Salem.  It was a humid night and I'd already taken a few cold showers.  We got on the subject of Utah.  I told Kim how I missed the desert.  It sounded weird.  I wondered if she pictured a suburb outside of Vegas.  I tried to tell her about the nights in Southern Utah: lying on my back , the silence, the red rocks, and the stars.  Tons of stars.  Layer over layer of brilliant stars.  Anyway, the subject changed to chapped lips or something and I was left with this huge emptiness.  


  1. Christopher said...
    Those are gorgeous photos. I had a similar experience working for Outward Bound in the Desert a couple of summers. I never thought I would love it until I rappelled down a canyon under a full moon one summer. Now a part of me always wants to go back.
    Wendy said...
    Gorgeous pics...there is something special about the desert.
    Hilma Bellessa said...
    Beautiful photos and thoughts. It is interesting how we gain a love for our surroundings when they are coupled with happy memories. I'm thankful I can live near the mountains I grew up around. I don't ever take for granted the beauty that surrounds me.

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