Thankful for Music

My sister-in-law Sara, has had a thankfulfest on her blog and inspired me to do the same in honor of one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving.  After just finishing playing guitar and singing with Willie for the past few hours, I have to say I'm thankful for music.  My beginnings as a musician were rough.  I remember before my mission trying to practice a song with my sister Amy for Travis's mission farewell.  I ended up breaking down in tears because I was trying to sing harmony and I could not hold a note.  My sweet Aunt Marilyn was trying so hard to encourage me.

I'm thankful that after our trip to the Republic of Georgia, where I was inspired by their folk music, my friend Kakha helped me pick out my first guitar and it stuck.  It was a pretty decent acoustic Ibanez that I sold to my dad.  I'm so glad that soon after I married Willie (such an accomplished musician), we splurged on a handmade Ken Stika (no. 52) guitar for me.  Every time I play it, I'm so happy we bought it becuase I could never justify the expense now.  I don't play guitar much anymore because I'm always playing bass, but I just love sitting down and playing a beautiful guitar with Willie on the fiddle or mandolin and us singing harmony.  It's the good life.  

I don't just love playing music, I love listening to music.  I love live music, especially outdoors.  I love playing on the back porch.  I love the hymns.  I'm so thankful music is part of my everyday life.


  1. sara said...
    i love that you sold your old guitar to your dad. travis has sold him all kinds of stuff. i really wish your dad and i shared the same taste in clothes... think of what i could make off of him!

    perhaps i should start wearing more uniforms. and patches. and hats with fake hair...
    Carolyn said...
    My husband has a Ken Stika guitar also. We are in SC. He was in Provo one week on business...and ordered one.

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