Willie's family has come to our house for thanksgiving for the last four years. I look forward to this tradition every year. It's fun to look back on the last four years and see how things have changed and the things i've learned. The first year, I was fairly new to cooking and it was my first thanksgiving. I used Martha Stewarts thanksgiving 101 issue. I've learned since then to keep it simple. No more peeling chestnuts or cutting up bread to make my own stuffing. The boxed stuffing is still really good. I also have learned that a good plan makes all the difference, it's important to wear supportive shoes while standing around in the kitchen, and use all willing volunteers. I think this year was our best thanksgiving meal yet.

Willie and I stayed up late several nights before everyone got here working on projects. Something I learned from this thanksgiving is to not get sleep deprived before the whole event even starts. Next time I'll go to bed early for a week straight before so I can stay up late talking, and not have to worry about exhaustion.

The day after thanksgiving tradition is to go on a hike. i love this tradition. We went to Colorado National Monument and after a day of rain, it was cool and wet and smelled wonderful. There were clouds at the top of the canyon. When Wyatt saw all the fog he said that when he got out of the car he'd get clouds in his mouth.

Friday night we had another big meal, and some neighbors came over. The 17th street band then gave an intimate concert in our family room. 

Unfortunately, the stomach flu went around and I cleaned up my fair share of throw up from Hank and Willie got it Friday night (thank goodness adults can throw up in the toilet). Willie's sister Sara's family got it Friday night too. I'm just so glad I didn't get it, at least not yet. I didn't get to take many pictures so I had to poach some off Kathy and Sarah's blogs.

A beautiful table is a must for me.  I made this table cloth the first year we hosted thanksgiving to fit our table with all it's leaves in.  I'm so glad we bought this table with our house.  We use it often to have big meals.  It's so long!

I thought it was funny that Wyatt is sitting at the head of the table.  He's so small all the way down there.

Here's the band.  A bonus to my other shirt getting thrown up on by Hank, is that I changed into a nice cowboy shirt for our performance.

Here are the boys at the rim of the monument.  In the back is Willie, his brother Adam, his brother-in-law Tyler, and his dad David.  In the front is Wyatt and his cousin Simon.

Here is wyatt with ellen and Charlotte. Wyatt loves cousins.  He was playing constantly with them.

Sarah took this great picture of the cliff dissolving in to the fog.  What a pretty place.  


  1. Hilma Bellessa said...
    I've been waiting to see the blog. :Your table looks fabulous. The flowers and white cloth make it look so fresh and clean looking. I think we all have remnants of Grandma Stratford's grand meals in our heads that give us a guide for entertaining. I'm looking forward to the time we can surround your table. Too bad about the stomach flu...not a fun after meal malady.
    Travis said...
    I loved the tradition of going on a hike afterwards. And I loved Wyatt at the head of the table. So cute.
    Karynn Jorgensen said...
    I bet you are the best hostess! That table totally reminds me of Sunday dinners at your Grandparents house next door. I guess it's much better to go on a hike afterwards than to nap for hours like we used to do! :-)

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