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This morning Hank and I were in my room listening to Terri Gross interview Bill Ayers on NPR. I was so interested, curious, and a little disturbed and I thought to myself, I should read his book. Just as I thought that, I turned and saw the pile of books I'm currently reading sitting next to my bed. I think I'll start a list of books I might want to read in the future and work on this pile for now. I really only get a little bit of undisturbed reading time before bed, so things are moving pretty slowly.

I have a strong non-fiction addiction but I'm in a book club that's helping with that. This month the book is Freakonomics, but mostly we read fiction.

The Scriptures are a spiritual staple, the words of life. They will always be on the pile.

Your Money or Your Life and Sink Reflections are re-reads.

Your Money or Your Life inspired Willie and I shortly after we got married to not let our life be about the persuit of money but be very wise with what we have. I like to check back in from time to time to get motivated and not mindlessly spend our money. Lately I've wanted to spend more of our money (that Willie and I have traded our life energy for) on healthy food and give away more to good causes. This is such a good book.

To improve my job training for being a homemaker, I'm rereading Sink Reflections. This is a cheesy book, with clip art and such, but the principles are really good. It's about accomplishing things, like a clean, well organized home (without a housekeeper) by little daily routines carried out consistenlty.

Willie bought me The Omnivores Dilemma, after I read Pollan's recent book, In Defense of Food and went bonkers for it.


  1. Hilma Bellessa said...
    What is the Omnivore book about? You've been so busy it is good you can take some time to read. I used to read tons but haven't had as much time but I'd like to read some of what you suggest. You kids are going to be so smart at school...seeing you read.
    Wendy said...
    You pile is so neat and tidy..is it always that way or did you straighten it just a little for the photo?
    sara said...
    I have a stack by the side of my bed too. I usually only get to read a few pages before the exhaustion from the day takes over. Nice to know I'm not alone.

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