I don't post much about my journey back to my pre-pregnancy body but it's a big part of my life.  Sometimes I feel vain worrying about it, but I just don't feel like myself until I'm back in shape and I just can't give up.  After I had Wyatt, I was able to loose the weight, eventually, but I also had two months shorter of a pregnancy so less weight gain.  The last few months I've hovered between my last 5 to 10 lbs (I gained 60), so I'm officially taking it up a notch in order to bust through my plateau.

So I met with a trainer at the gym and she went over my workout plan and gave me some good advice.  She said it's 33% diet, 33% exercise, and 33% attitude.  I'm assuming the last 1% is magic or maybe patience.  Her pep talk helped and I feel like I can make it happen.  

So below is my workout schedule.  It may seem like a lot, but I actually really like it.  I've been going to the gym for a year now and I am so into it.  I always have a bit of an endorphin buzz and my kids just love the nursery.  We all win. So my workout week now goes something like this:

Monday: 1 hr spin class
Tuesday: run 3 miles
Wednesday: 1 hr chisel weight lifting class (free weights)
Thursday: 1 hr pilates class, 20 minutes cardio
Friday: heavy weights on machines, 20 minutes cardio
Saturday: run 3 miles
Sunday: rest

So as far as diet goes, I'm trying to keep it really healthy.  Good quality, organic, unprocessed foods, very little sugar and refined carbs (one in the same) and lots of fruits and vegetables.  So a typical day's meals could look like this.  The point is to eat healthy most of the time and then enjoy some deliciousness on special occasions.

breakfast: 1 egg, one egg white omelet with asparagus, olives, and sun-dried tomatoes, a pomegranate.

snack: sprouted grain bread with almond butter

lunch: salad made of spinach, romaine lettuce, red pepper, asparagus, turkey sausage,  snow peas, halved grapes, a sprinkle of feta cheese and a splash of watered down healthy dressing.

dinner: wild caught salmon, brown rice, broccoli and a few squares of 70% dark chocolate for dessert.

Willie doesn't mind the healthy eating because I send all holiday treats to work with him so he's got his own stash of cookies and candy.

I can do it.


  1. Rebecca Hill said...
    Way to go with the healthy eating. I sometimes worry too much over it myself. I guess it's the times when I've stopped worrying about it that things seem to fall into place. There's no doubt you're beautiful in every way. The scale is only one small way to measure.
    sara said...
    yes you can!!!

    you go, girl.
    Sarah said...
    Wow! Your meal plan sounds so very yummy! Much better than the potatoes and cupcake diet I have been on today.
    Jewel Stratford said...
    Healthy Eating pays big dividends. Don't get discouraged. We are proud of you. Love, Dad and Jewel
    Sandra said...
    I just found your blog. I am inspired with your exercise and eating regimen! You are amazing! I too, am trying to get rid of that baby weight, it's a killer. Thanks for the post, it makes me want to continue and gives me new ideas. You're amazing!
    Sandra Bancroft Poche
    Karynn Jorgensen said...
    Oh my. If that plan doesn't do it, nothing will! I feel a little better knowing you are already only 10 pounds from your goal and you gained 60. I am well on my way to gaining that much, despite my best efforts and intentions. I think I'll copy and paste that SuperPlan into my Diet Diary. I will need your example in a few months!
    Melynne said...
    Wow! What an awesome program. You are my hero. And I thought you looked great at Christmas! Meanwhile, I am on the any carb I can find diet, so as not to lose my cookies! Good luck and keep the faith. Eating and working out that way will make you feel GREAT I am sure. (I am also a big believer in picking the number/ size you feel you are comfortable at, and tell your mind/body you are already there. Eventually it works!)

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