As most everyone knows, I'm always working on a project.  My projects are what give me energy.  I love being creative.  They can also wear me out when I'm up against a deadline.  I love making presents for Christmas.  This year, I underestimated how little Hank-free time I would have to quilt or work on stained glass.  I had to put in some major effort the few weeks before Christmas to finish a quilt for Calder and Starr and some stained glass ornaments.  I had so much fun.  Now that Christmas is over I'm moving on to working on new stained glass windows for our kitchen door and a crazy quilt.

I love decorating for Christmas.  I'm trying to stick to my goal of two boxes of ornaments (it used to be a goal of one box), so I keep it pretty simple. I love hanging glass balls off the chandelier in the dinning room.  This year, Wyatt helped pick out the colors he liked and handed them to me to put up.  He's so cute because he thought my decorations were "so beautiful".

This year we tried to figure out how to protect Hank from the tree and the tree from Hank.  Of course we turned to the internet for our research.  We decided to weigh the tree down with heavy rocks and then I put only kid safe ornaments in Hank's reach.  As you can see from this picture, he was very interested.  After a few days of him constantly undressing the part of the tree within his reach, I just left that part bare.

Here's sweet Wyatt.  He's such a good boy.  He made several adorable ornaments this year at pre-school and at an ornament party at a friend's house.  He's very proud of his art work.

I finished my stained glass class and this was my project.  It's pretty simple considering it took about 12 hrs of instruction to finish it, but we went over every step thoroughly.  My solder lines are beautiful.  

I made about 12 stained glass star ornaments for gifts.  They are so fun to make.  I could really spend a year making all different kinds and different colors.

I gave this quilt to Calder and Starr.  I put the top together initially and didn't like the color I used between the blocks, so I unpicked it and used unbleached muslin instead.  Since the quilt was going to family, I knew I would see it again and I had to love it.   I saw it on their brown couch when we left today and I think it suits their house well.

Here's the back of the quilt.  I did simple line quilting on it.


  1. Jewel Stratford said...
    Your creativity inspires us. Thank you for our beautiful ornament. It is a treasure. Love, Dad & Jewel
    Cynthia said...
    I love that you love projects. My family is filled with project people too. I thought that was just how everyone was until I married a non-project person.

    I also love that you make homemade gifts for Christmas because that's how we grew up too. You are very talented! I love stained glass and want to learn how to do it. I saw a stained glass nativity set that I want to make someday.
    starr said...
    i love our quilt. and our star ornament. and it was great hanging out for the last week. thank you.
    sara said...
    i love it all!!! i want a whole row of stained glass stars like that for one of my windows. maybe for the year you guys give to us next... our ornament is beautiful. we love it.

    we hung glass balls on our chandelier too. it was the only way to be sure they were safe from the croz.
    Karynn Jorgensen said...
    All your creations are so beautiful! As a fellow project junkie, I love reading your blog and seeing the latest! Never quit posting them!
    My Christmas projects about wore me out, but they were worth it. And on to the next one...the nursery. That should give me a fix for a few months!
    thedoodlegirl said...
    You are so incredibly talented and amazing...WOW. I'm so impressed!
    Melynne said...
    Your handy work is just so cool! Keep posting all those great creations. Love the rose so much! Gray still sleeps with the quilt you made him :)
    ginger said...
    Sally, you are so creative. I love it all. Your stained glass ornaments look awesome. How fun to know how to make those!

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