So I've been up to a few projects, like always.

Below is my inauguration day quilt top. Inauguration day was a great day for me. Wyatt was at preschool and Hank was asleep during the inauguration so I got to watch in peace and facebook with my other friends that were watching. I felt so inspired and patriotic. When Obama mentioned the patchwork of America, I instantly started planning a quilt to commemorate my feelings. In a meeting that night I was sketching squares on my agenda. The creativity and spontaneity of this quilt was very energizing.

This is my first quilt made from a feeling instead of a pattern. I only used scraps I had around the house so I didn't have my normal frustration with lack of fabric selection in Grand Junction. I knew I'd keep it so the whole thing was low stress. Sometimes I worry that the recipients of my quilts might not like them. Willie always reminds me that at the very least the quilt will keep said person warm. I am hoping to get it quilted this week. I'll show the finished project when I'm done.

This is a basket I made out of old guitar strings.

OK, so I have to come clean. I have developed a full fledged Twilight movie addiction. I didn't have the courage to blog about it until my sister-in-law Sara encouraged me. She said to declare my love of Twilight to the Internet. I was afraid that someone that didn't know me very well would think I'm crazy, but really anyone reading my blog knows me well enough to not be suprised.

So for a while I wasn't sure if I was fascinated with the books or the movie, but it turns out it's the movie. I read the first book twice, just to confirm that fact and the second book I read and didn't like. I'm sure I'll read the other books in due time. It was fun reading Twilight at the same time I was reading 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. That book is beautiful literature. It's poet, tragic, magical and consuming two Twilight books at the same time, made me really appreciate Marquez's great writing. I'm just really distracted by the poor writing of Twilight (no offense to Stephanie Meyer, she changed my life), but the story, we'll it's captured me.

So the movie took a great story and made it beautifully visual and with a great low budget charm. So I saw the movie more than once. We don't need to get specific on numbers. Let's just say I saw it more than 1 time but less than 100. I was just afraid I'd never feel the same about a movie again. I had to seize the day and savor the feeling. I would get so engrossed in the movie, my face would hurt from smiling so much. I felt like a school girl again. It left our theater last week and I have to say it's the end of an era. I haven't pre-ordered my dvd yet, but I am going to a Twilight DVd release party.
Here is an Edward action figure my sister sent me as a suprise. Hank and Wyatt love it. Wyatt brought him for show and tell at school and I blushed when he kept telling everyone in the room it was his mom's toy.

Yesterday I was waiting for a prescription and I realized I was out of conditioner. I had a huge back-stock of hair product from my job at MOP and now it's almost gone and surely expired so I've been left wondering if I can spring for salon quality products or just get the cheap stuff. It's hard when you know the actual cost of goods compared to suggested retail price. Well, since I was at a pharmacy, you know what I chose. I did at least look for the section of diverted salon product and chose a tea-tree peppermint conditioner.

While I was waiting, I read the copy and the ingredients. After several years of writing hair product copy, researching ingredients and proofing bottle art, I can't help myself. I realized it had some artificial fragrance along with the essential oils, what could I expect for $5. So then I thought I should smell it and seriously consider if I could commit to it without being grossed out every time I washed my hair. I opened the lid and gave a little squeeze to get a good smell and it squirted right into my mouth, right then the pharmacist called my name. She laughed and asked how it tasted and offered me a tissue. Actually, it didn't taste as strong as it smelled so I decided to give it a try.

Here are some cute pictures from Willie's iphone.

I have not had much time to post lately, but I had to get up a few pictures from Christmas. We had a great time in Utah and stayed a few days with my dad and a few days with my mom.

Wyatt was so cute about Christmas this year. Some of you may know that Willie and I have always wondered how to approach Santa with our kids. I have no ill will towards Santa or families that are into him, but I have always had an inner conflict about misleading my kids for something so unimportant. This subject can really upset some of my friends. Truly, I don't mind if other people want to really go for it with Santa. For us, though, when we celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday and we don't want to make it too commercial or that presents are related to being naughty or nice (for instance, your rich friend gets a truckload of presents and you get two, is it because he was nicer?), pushing Santa doesn't seem like the best thing to do.  

So it hadn't come up until this year. Wyatt suddenly started asking me all these questions about Santa. I kind of thought when it first came up he's ask me if Santa was real and I could just explain he wasn't. But he started asking, how does he gets down the chimney, when could we go to the north pole and things like that. So we had the Santa talk. I told him the origins of Santa, how the whole gift giving tradition got started, and I told him we used our imagination to believe in Santa but he wasn't real, he was like other friends he had on TV like Barney or Dora. So I thought the talk went pretty well and I was so relieved it was over. We still wrote a letter to Santa and he still asked his questions which I would answer with, Well, the story goes . . ." So then on Christmas eve he pulled me aside and said he thought Santa was actually real. He's so cute.   

I'm not quite sure our little talk sunk in, but it's more for me than him anyway. I set the foundation for how I would approach it for the next couple of years. He wanted only three things for Christmas, a real electric typewriter, a sled and candy. He's been so sweet. He knows the presents came from us or family members so we'll just be hanging out and he'll say, "mom that was so nice for you to get me a toy shaving kit, you did a great job" Things like that. His typewriter was the highlight of his Christmas. One of Willie's coworkers gave it to us. I've been dictating letters from him ever since. He can even type his own name.

Here is Wyatt with his beloved typewriter (real and electric as specified) Christmas morning.

Here is the Christmas morning madness at my dad and Jewel's house in Ephraim. Thanks Dad and Jewel for letting us turn your house upside down. Amy and her family and Calder and Starr were there too.

Here are the cute cousins. Calder and Starr are working on one in utero, to add to the mix. Amy and Brian always give Wyatt and Hank great pajamas. These were so soft. Ella and Wyatt played so well together, that helped since Hank was tearing my dad's house apart, carrying crystal goblets over tile floors or playing with glass nativity sets pulling things off the tree.

I thought it was funny all the nativity reenactment pictures we had. this is Christmas eve in Ephraim.

This is in Midway a few days later.

This is another midway nativity shoot, possible to try new costumes or different lighting. They were really patient.

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