So I've been up to a few projects, like always.

Below is my inauguration day quilt top. Inauguration day was a great day for me. Wyatt was at preschool and Hank was asleep during the inauguration so I got to watch in peace and facebook with my other friends that were watching. I felt so inspired and patriotic. When Obama mentioned the patchwork of America, I instantly started planning a quilt to commemorate my feelings. In a meeting that night I was sketching squares on my agenda. The creativity and spontaneity of this quilt was very energizing.

This is my first quilt made from a feeling instead of a pattern. I only used scraps I had around the house so I didn't have my normal frustration with lack of fabric selection in Grand Junction. I knew I'd keep it so the whole thing was low stress. Sometimes I worry that the recipients of my quilts might not like them. Willie always reminds me that at the very least the quilt will keep said person warm. I am hoping to get it quilted this week. I'll show the finished project when I'm done.

This is a basket I made out of old guitar strings.

OK, so I have to come clean. I have developed a full fledged Twilight movie addiction. I didn't have the courage to blog about it until my sister-in-law Sara encouraged me. She said to declare my love of Twilight to the Internet. I was afraid that someone that didn't know me very well would think I'm crazy, but really anyone reading my blog knows me well enough to not be suprised.

So for a while I wasn't sure if I was fascinated with the books or the movie, but it turns out it's the movie. I read the first book twice, just to confirm that fact and the second book I read and didn't like. I'm sure I'll read the other books in due time. It was fun reading Twilight at the same time I was reading 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. That book is beautiful literature. It's poet, tragic, magical and consuming two Twilight books at the same time, made me really appreciate Marquez's great writing. I'm just really distracted by the poor writing of Twilight (no offense to Stephanie Meyer, she changed my life), but the story, we'll it's captured me.

So the movie took a great story and made it beautifully visual and with a great low budget charm. So I saw the movie more than once. We don't need to get specific on numbers. Let's just say I saw it more than 1 time but less than 100. I was just afraid I'd never feel the same about a movie again. I had to seize the day and savor the feeling. I would get so engrossed in the movie, my face would hurt from smiling so much. I felt like a school girl again. It left our theater last week and I have to say it's the end of an era. I haven't pre-ordered my dvd yet, but I am going to a Twilight DVd release party.
Here is an Edward action figure my sister sent me as a suprise. Hank and Wyatt love it. Wyatt brought him for show and tell at school and I blushed when he kept telling everyone in the room it was his mom's toy.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I think they have support groups for this kind of Twilight addiction. I'm worried.


    Travis said...
    I think you should have a family photo shoot with the Edward Action Figure.
    sara said...
    You're quilt is beautiful. I can't believe you just whipped it up out of your own creativity. And the guitar string basket--awesome. You never cease to amaze me with your talents.
    Hilma Bellessa said...
    The quilt really is a beautiful thing.. colors, patterns. Your projects remind me so much of me. My latest project is princess dresses. It is so fun to think up and plan and create. You do such a great job with family, home and Twilight.
    Amy said...
    Ah, Edward. I loved your story about it. Great job on the projects too. I wish I got the talent you and mom have.
    Dad said...
    Sal - great quilt and it means so much more since it has feeling behind it. Your high level of creativity makes me feel insecure.
    christy said...
    ok, since we're all being honest here, i will confess my own obsession with the twilight series. i haven't seen the movie (because, well, we don't get out much), but the books were the center of the universe for a good 2 week period.

    something about the angst and the drama of it all...took me right back to high school. (mine didn't have vampires, though. at least, none like edward.) being as i'm no longer a teenage girl, these feelings have had to stay buried...that is, until the true confessional.

    i feel much better now.
    sara said...
    I love the quilt! It's awesome. Some day I really must learn to sew... although I don't think I'll have the same success you do at it.

    I'm glad you finally came out with your Twilight addiction. I feel the exact same way about the books and the movie. I was ho-hum about the books (actually really DISliked the first 3, but 4 held my interest better) but I loved the movie. I loved it so much, I would have sat in the theater right after it ended to watch it again, and it was 1 am. Anyone who wasn't touched by that movie has a heart made of concrete. Although, the special effect were horrible.

    Way to go Sal.

    BTW, who is this other sara with no H who made a comment? I thought was the only sara in your life!
    ginger said...
    I love Twilight too, although I admit the books are badly written, and the movie and the books are cheesy. The second book was not great, the third one was okay, and the 4th one was better starting about half way through. I did like it better the second time I read it. My favorite Twilight book though, is the Midnight Sun book that SM started, and has a partial draft of on her website. It is Twilight, told from Edward's perspective. Let's be honest... he is why we love Twilight. Bella is pretty much a normal, self-absorbed teenager, and she is annoying, as such! :-)

    I liked the movie the first two times I saw it... but not as much the 3rd time, but that might have been because I saw it with someone who didn't love it as much. I had already pre-ordered it, so we will see if the obsession sticks once I get it. A bunch of my friends and I are going to force our husbands to watch it with us! :-D

    Your quilt turned out very nice, BTW.
    Kate said...
    You know how I feel about Twilight. I LOVE IT!! All of it! I'm glad you were there to support me through it and the weeks to come...see you at the party!
    Sherry Ficklin said...
    I must have me one of them dolls...
    Karynn said...
    Your quilt is so beautiful and I LOVE that it is your first made from feeling. It shows.
    Oh, how I am with you on the Twilight thing. Although, you must read the next two books. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised after New Moon. It's the worst one. Perhaps we could join Calder's recommended support group together.

    I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I read that your little Wyatt announced that it was your toy! And I also couldn't help but wonder where I can get one! :-)

    So, do you feel redeemed, having declared your love online?
    Karynn said...
    Oh yeah, that guitar string basket belongs in a museum or something. Truly amazing. Do you sell on Etsy?
    Art Boy said...
    I love your quilt, Sally. You amaze me with your talent and that you make time to do the things you love. I wish I did more often. I usually just fall asleep whenever I get time to myself.
    I have to admit I'm curious about this whole Twilight craze as I haven't read them. I don't know if I don't want to just to be able to say I haven't, or what, but I haven't. Anyway, that's all.
    love Julie (not Matt)
    Anna said...
    Sally, you gave me the strength to read Twilight, et al. When I read your Las Vegas blog entry, I pulled out the copy my sister in law lent me and started reading. I guess I was sort of a book snob but now I'm cured. I've read them all and just saw the movie. I agree with you about the poor writing. My favorite line (from book 4, I think), "Something horrible had gone awry."

    Anyway, reading these books made me feel like a teenager again. I enjoyed the movie, too.

    Have you read These Is My Words? It's much better written than Twilight (don't be fooled by the title) but sucked me in the same way Twilight did, and there are two sequels that are almost as good.

    By the way, your quilt is beautiful. I need a quilting lesson from you, if ever we end up in the same state!

    Love, Anna
    JHRME said...
    haha I love the Edward! Even more, I love that your son took it to show and tell and that it made you blush! Thats a story to tell for years!

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