Long time no post.  I've been so busy.  Here's the latest and some pictures of my adorable children.

I have been having so much fun working in the yard.  Our daffodils are up and forsythia in bloom. Our vegetable garden is tilled and I'm taking up some more grass in the front yard to make room for more flowers.  I've already made a lot of progress compared to last year when as soon as I brought Hank outside he would start shoving fistfuls of grass or whatever in his mouth.  I've caught him eating a bit of dirt this year, but for the most part he's just exploring, digging and enjoying himself.  We have a fence and gates so I can work while Wyatt and Hank play.  It's wonderful.

I've taken on some new responsibilities with my bookkeeping/admin/personal assistant work for studioCase.  I really enjoy the work. I love spreadsheets and numbers, but it's taking some adjustments to learn what I need to learn and find the time to do it.  Hank has settled into a good afternoon nap and that's when I work and Wyatt plays or watches a movie.  I also have a friend down the street watch the kids once a week for 2hrs so I can get caught up.  If there is still more to do I work in the evenings.

Since I turned up the heat on my workouts and eating in January, I've lost 7lbs and 4pts of body fat.  That leaves me about 3lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight and even though I haven't officially made it, I feel like it's time to celebrate.  I can fit into most of my pre-pregnancy clothes and it's like I went on a huge shopping spree.  I love opening up the boxes in the basement and trying things on.  I'm still really enjoying my time at the gym.  I've recently become a regular at a kick boxing class and I'm still working hard at weight lifting for my next arm wrestling match with my sister.

The 17th st band recently played on the radio, at a private birthday party (for $100 an hr), and at a wedding of Willie's co-worker.  We really miss Melissa but I think we can make it as a trio.  I've had to learn all of Melissa's harmonies which in general is not that hard, but trying to not mess up on the bass while singing takes some concentration.  A friend at the wedding said I looked "pissed".  Now I have to work on having a pleasant look, singing harmony and playing bass. Willie and I are playing at a high school art exhibit next Saturday at the mall.  Hey, it's a paying gig.  We are having a great time.  We are still waiting for our CD to get mixed.  The recording artist did it for us practically free, so he gets to take his time.

It's not secret that I don't want any pets.  I have loved one pet dearly in my life (my dog Gidget), and feel like any other pets that come into my life are just a hassle.  So we have a cat and I have had some very unkind thoughts about him.  He is a bird killer and we find dead birds everywhere, inside and out.  I even found a live, injured one in our basement.  Once I caught him with a bird in his mouth making his way to our bedroom, surely to put it on my pillow.  The worst was a few weeks ago when I was pulling our whites out of the dryer and I saw something black in the clothes.  You guessed it, a bird.  I'm thinking the cat hid it in the washer, I put in the laundry not knowing, I washed my clothes with the bird and dried them with the bird.  Disgusting.  

So needless to say, I have not taken kindly to the idea of Willie wanting chickens again.  The whole reason I agreed to getting a cat was to make up for the fact that I gave away his last chickens.  They destroyed our back yard.  Willie won't take no for an answer so we've had to do some compromising.  Of course, I will not care for or clean up after the chickens.  I care for children, not farm animals. They have to spend their days and nights in their coop, no pooping and grazing in our yard.  We agreed on a coop location and tonight for FHE we are going to get the chicks.  On the bright side, we'll have beautiful, organic eggs and I think Wyatt and Hank will like having them around.  Our cat will also like trying to kill them.

The other day Wyatt was looking on the redbox website and he told me he saw a movie about milk.  I asked him how he knew it was called Milk.  He said he recognized the word.  So then I started writing out all these words and he could read them all.  Now it's his new favorite game in church.  It's not the quietest game, but I write long lists of words and he reads them.  My little reader.  It's so exciting.

Hank has a great fake smile.

Wyatt was the reverence child in church and Willie took this picture with his iphone.  He was so excited to stand up there.

I haven't posted for a long time.  Part of the reason is that I had two intense weeks working on the following quilt.  Jared and Melissa are our neighbors and good friends.  Jared got laid off from his job on an oil rig and they decided it would be a good time to go to Mexico for six months.  They are living out of their air stream trailer pulled by their van (pictured on the quilt). When I heard the plan I knew I needed to send them off with a quilt to keep them warm and remind them of our street.  I thought I'd have at least a month, but it turned out to be only two weeks.  I really had to turn up the intensity to finish it.  I'm pleased with the way it turned out.  Here's a picture with a few detail shots.

Jared likes to canoe so this square shows his canoe on the colorado river. I love the little foot in the picture.

Jared and Melissa had a wedding party up in the mountains several years ago where they had a marriage ceremony (they had eloped a year earlier).  It was a beautiful experience.  We played music, I made Melissa's bouquet, there was great food and the guests decorated their tipi with hand-prints and names. I see their tipi as a symbol of their love and union so it had to make the quilt.

On the quilt I represented the houses of the families on the street that spend a lot of time together.  This house is our next door neighbor's, the Nobles, house.

The Friday before they left we had a party at our house with friends and family to send them off.  We went through two packages of tortillas, 4 dozen tamales, and half a sheet cake.  People brought them rice and beans, chocolate and wine to stock them up for their trip.  I gave them some big cans of rice and bean from our food storage.  We played music, had a fire in the backyard and talked until the middle of the night.  It was so fun.  I admit that when I went to bed and heard everyone talking and enjoying themselves I was a little teary eyed to see Jared and Melissa leaving our street.  They didn't sell their house but they rented it out and I feel like it could be a while until they come back.

The next day the neighborhood went for a bike ride downtown to eat lunch then to the botanic gardens and the colorado river to throw rocks.  I pulled the trailer with the boys and let's just say my gluts were burning by the end of the ride.  I'm not sure how many miles we went, but Hank and Wyatt create a lot of drag.

Jared had a trash can of sorts on his bike so he rode with our old Christmas tree.

Wyatt and Hank had a blast. They love throwing rocks in the river.  They both came home covered in mud.

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