New Camera

For years I've dreamed of having a nice camera and the day has finally come. I took the plunge. I bought a Canon 40D off of ebay and it arrived on Friday. The lens I ordered hasn't come yet but I've been using my neighbors lens. I've had a fun few days.

The fast shutter speed is so fun. The quality is great. So now I start my studies. I bought a book specific to the camera and I've been corresponding by email with some great photographer friends. I'm excited about exploring this art form.

So here are some of my first pictures withe camera.


Every year since we have lived in Grand Junction, we have been invited to river trip in Moab with a group of friends from Willie's firm. I look forward to it every year. I think my love of the desert really blossomed the first time I rode the Colorado river way back in college. It's so beautiful.

I think of the other years we have gone on this trip. The first year Wyatt was Hank's age and it was so hot, 100 degrees during the day. The second year I was pregnant with Hank but in the wonderful 2nd trimester and full of energy. Last year Hank was not walking and it was cold that night and I was sleep deprived (the hardest year by far).

This year was wonderful. The weather was perfect 90 degrees during the day and mild nights. When we were all lying in the tent the first night I felt like a real family. What's better than sleeping under the stars with your husband and kids surrounding you. Well I guess a comfortable king bed in the tent and both kids on Willie's side of the bed could have been even better. Hank has really improved as a camper, though he had a hard time falling asleep because he was so excited and curious. He kept running around the tent, looking out the windows and climbing all over me until he finally laid down for two seconds to rest and fell asleep.

Hank is very specific about the way he wants to be held when he sleeps by me. He has to be in the crook of my arm, and pulled in close and he wants our faces touching. This is absolutely adorable for about an hour. All night was a little uncomfortable, but for the most part we all slept well, a far cry from last year.

The desert is in bloom this time of year. I went running Saturday morning down the canyon and saw some great plants. I went back to get a few with my camera. This is called Prince's Plume.

This is a Dwarf Evening Primrose.

This year Wyatt was a lot more social. He's still one of the littler kids, but still had a great time playing and making friends. One of the parents brought glow sticks for the kids one night. I love Wyatt's outfit. He just loves this little football jersey that is about two sizes too small. He had it on with chords and sandals. He looked totally hip.

Wyatt didn't ride the river last year because he didn't want to get splashed and we could not convince him to go. This year he was excited but only wanted to go with Willie. He is a huge Willie fan. Wyatt and Willie ran the river in the morning and Hank and I played in the car and river. Then I went on the afternoon trip and Willie and the boys went on a drive/nap and went to the library in Moab.

Wyatt loved playing in the sand.

Hank had no fear of the water and didn't seem to mind the cold temperature.

More playing in the sand.

We have had a great couple of weeks. The weather has been wonderful and we have spent as much time as possible in the yard. We don't have many bugs yet so we've had the doors and windows open and spend a lot of the day outside. Hank just loves digging in the dirt, dragging around tools and sticking leaves in the chicken coop.

We are caring for 10 baby chicken right now. We will keep 4 and the other six belong to a few friends. They were in an aquarium in my shop but they are now living in the chicken coop and seem to be really happy. Wyatt and Hank want to check in on them every time we leave and come home.

Wyatt wanted to bring a chicken to school for a show and tell, but I thought it might be better to take a picture and bring it in. He's really excited to bring this picture on tuesday.

I've been taking some pictures of my plants. Here are a few.

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