Blogfest 2009

Well, it's been a long time since I've posted and a lot has happened.

Ragged Mountain Backpacking trip:
My friend Betsy and I were called to lead a group of 17 young women on the girls camp 4th year backpacking trip. It was so fun. My mom came and stayed while I was gone and the kids really enjoyed having her around. Then when Willie got home from work she worked on cleaning my house (a huge undertaking since I was so frazzled before I left for camp).

We did a three day two night trip and it was beautiful. We got some rain, but in general we had great weather. The young women were very impressive. They were respectful and didn't complain. They are all smart, beautiful and bright. It was inspired by such good young women. Oh, and we talked a lot about Twilight.

Moab Campout:
The weekend after I got back from girls camp we met my friend Cary Rogers and her family in Moab. We had not seen each other in years. We met on study abroad in London, kept in touch during our missions and lived together when we got home. She and her husband Kregg have four adorable kids. We talked around the campfire, the kids played, we roasted marshmallows, played guitar and enjoyed the great scenery.

The 2nd Annual 17th St. Block Party:
Our block party this year was so fun. The only thing missing was our neighbors the Nobles who were in Omaha for a month or so, but we carried on without them. We had a bump and jump, great food, live music, a drum circle and bonfire. A few police officers even showed up (one to bust us, the other that was our friend) and they ended up eating and socializing for a bit.

Wyatt and Hank:
Wyatt and Hank are so much fun. Here's a picture of them in their "hats" just hanging out. They are truly adorable. I love them so much.

Other Tidbits:
I went on my first official trail run. It was 7 miles and I've never run that far before so I didn't know what to expect. It was great. It was beautiful, cool, and invigorating. That won't be my last time.

We had a great crop of strawberries and peas this spring.

I am in LOVE with my new camera. I can't stop taking pictures. I have so much to learn about the camera and have thrown myself into my studies.

I've been working out with a few friends at the gym and it has made it even more enjoyable (I didn't know that was possible). We are starting a 30 day training on Monday where in theory we will become the "strongest, sexiest" us and drop those last few stubborn pounds.

I gave up politics. This happened a while ago, but it took a while for me to detox. It's been great. I catch some news on NPR, but try to steer clear of TV news. I removed people from my facebook newfeed or blog roll that are negative or angry about politics. It has been like a breath of fresh air.

I'm happy.


  1. Jewel Stratford said...
    I'll bet the Young Women idolize you just like they did when you were Laurel president in Sherwood Hills. The exercise routine sounds motivating. I am so proud of you!
    starr said...
    It was so fun to see you guys this weekend. Thanks for taking all the nice pics of Stella and the house. I am glad we get to see you guys again before too long!
    Melynne said...
    you inspire me! 7 miles on a trail!! i miss running so much while prego. good job on the workouts and politic detox! now if i could just talk noah into BOTH. so proud of you super-mommy, sally!

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