Sleepless Night

My blog has been pretty heavy on the pictures so it feels weird actually writing, but last night was strange. Since Hank's been born I've had some sleep issues, like insomnia and a hard time falling asleep.

Last night I got home from a book club meeting that ended in a political discussion. I'm am so outnumbered by my church friends here when it comes to politics that I often find myself in a room of people trying to argue with me. For some reason it's impossible for me not to engage. I love these women and it's all done in good taste, but it always leaves me a little drained and troubled. This is where my desire to keep a distance from politics came from. Everyone sees the world differently. Sometimes it's just not worth talking about it. It can be an emotional waste of time for me. I do LOVE talking politics with Willie. It energizes me. He's a genius and we see the world the same way.

So I went to bed at 10pm totally exhausted. It took me about an hour to fall asleep because I couldn't stop thinking about healthcare. I tried deep breathing and visualizing other things but it was so hard to wind down.

Midnight, I hear Hank crying and jump out of bed and scramble towards his door. This is my automatic reaction every time one of my kids cries in the night. Then I woke up enough when standing outside his door to wait a minute to see if he would stop. He did so I went back to bed.

3am I hear a noise outside. Once I wake up enough, I realize it's someone yelling, "Help, Help me" over and over. This brought back the feelings I had when Willie and I came home from a late movie to a woman trapped under her mini van across the street. We heard her yelling for help and Willie actually had to drive the van off her. So my heart was pounding. I woke up Willie and he went outside. Our neighbor Jon was outside too and they were walking around looking for where the calls for help had come from. Once they worked their way up the street they saw two police cars and a person lying in the middle of the street. So we went back to bed, not wanting to approach the scene just out of curiosity since the police were there.

So I laid in bed and couldn't fall back asleep, wondering what had happened, being haunted by the feeling of someone calling out for help. After about an hour I fell back asleep.

Then came 5:30am, Hank's wake up time. So I got up with Hank and tried to doze off on the couch while we watched Barney. Willie got up at 6:30 and I went back to bed for a blessed hour. What a strange night.


  1. Kaymie said...
    Sally, I am sorry for your sleepless makes for a not-so-fun day. Your post makes me want to hear your political views! You must have a lot passion. Your idea of laying off poilitical TV and radio has helped me to see that Kregg needs to lay off a little himself.

    Wish we could be close enough to enjoy fall together...

    Hilma Bellessa said...
    What happened to the lady? Every once in awhile I have a night of looking at the clock wondering when I'll fall asleep. I've learned to not let it bother me but to think of it as a nice time to be "alone" with my thoughts. I think sometimes..with me..worrying about not falling asleep keeps me awake. Sure love you. You know my feelings about contentious political isn't worth damaging relationships.
    Sarah said...
    Oh my gosh, that "help me" thing is so freaky! I wouldn't sleep for a week if that happened outside our house.

    I have the same feelings about politics. There are so many people who think their opinions are "right." It makes it so stressful because trying to have rational conversations with people like that means you either share their beliefs in every way or you have the "wrong" opinions. There are so many sides to every single issue and every single person has a different life experience, there can't just be one way to think about things.

    I have insomnia, too. I can't sleep unless the house is less than 65 degrees. Last night it finally got that low. I slept well for the first time since May. :(
    Emilie and Branden said...
    You gotta find out what went down on your street and post it! Go take a nap.

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