9 years later and life is better than I imagined it could be. This day was the start of something wonderful.

Hank is two years old today. This little man is so dear. I couldn't find any pictures of him as a new baby that I like except the one below. He was crying in most of them and the ones right after he was born were either in a NICU oxygen hood, with a horribly bruised head from a traumatic birth or, even worse, they had me in it. You know those women that just gave birth and then they look all pretty and vivacious? I'm not one of those women, by a long shot.

Hank looks a lot like Wyatt but they have different personalities. He's a ruffian. He wants to wrestle, jump on your head or dive head first off the couch. He always has a dirty face. He's emotional. Even as a baby he would cry so hard I thought something was wrong. Now I know he's just upset and it will pass. He'll cry so hard he'll faint then shake it off and start running around.

He is affectionate. He constantly wants to snuggle and give kisses. He copies everything Wyatt does, including jokes, wearing his underwear over his diaper and doing Karate moves. He is cheery, curious, and constantly getting into things. Hank gets up so early, between 5-6am, consistently. I can sometimes get him to go back to bed with us and he'll snuggle into the crook of my arm and put his face against mine and we'll doze off. What a great way to wake up in the morning. We love you Hank.

Wyatt had an amazing birthday on thursday and a wonderful party today. I didn't get any pictures of the party because I was too busy.

Wyatt loved all of his gifts and had a great party.

Wyatt asked for his own watch and a nerf gun set from us. He and Willie have had hours of fun chasing each other around. Both nerf guns broke by the end of the his birthday but we already exchanged them for new ones.

The only picture of the homemade pinata. This was in the early stages.

Five years ago today this little guy was born. I love this picture because it was the day Wyatt finally turned a corner after being so sick as a preemie. He was off the ventilator (big step for sick preemies), no IVs and lights, and he was wearing clothes. They also found a way to transfer him back to Boulder which meant we could sleep in the hospital with him and not have to commute to Denver anymore.

1 year old. I love how chubby he was and I loved his adorable bald, fuzzy head.

2 years old. I remember this hike. He fell asleep and I tried to make him a pillow with my fleece.

3 years old. This was on our first hike with brand new Hank.

4 years old. Here is Wyatt at the Natural History Museum in DC. I forgot a sweatshirt for him so he's wearing Hank's small sweatshirt and I think it's pretty cute.

Wyatt is such a good boy. I hear that from his preschool teachers, church teachers and most recently his Karate teacher. He's gentle and smart. He loves to talk. He gets excited about everything. He is so kind with Hank. He comforts him and encourages him. He's a helper. I love you Wyatt.

This weekend Jenny, Nancy, Elise (Melissa's mom) and I went to visit Melissa at the XF Ranch on the Black Mesa. It was so fun. We talked, ate together, hiked, played Settlers of Caton, and took so many pictures. Have I mentioned I LOVE my camera. Willie and the boys had fun going hiking and out to eat while I was gone. Here are a few pictures from the trip. I also posted many more on facebook. Click here for more.

For anyone curious about the middle of the night cry for help, I got some scoop today. I talked with a neighbor at the gym who lives right where the action was. It ends up that a drunk woman tried to climb the fence to the golf course by our house and fell and hurt herself. So she was lying on the sidewalk, not in the street. It sounds like the injuries were minimal. When this guy called the police they said they had already had several calls. Nothing too exciting just an indication that we don't live in a really nice part of Grand Junction.

Last weekend we went on a great camping trip with our neighbors, the Rizzos. They let us drive one of their Volkswagen buses and we camped out of it. It was so beautiful and refreshing. I can't believe I have never been to Crested Butte before. It was hard to capture the beauty in pictures, but I'll try again next time.

We played music, took pictures, threw rocks (Hank and Wyatt's favorite pastime), we met up with other friends, and just had a wonderful time. Willie and I tried mountain biking for our first time. Let's just say riding up a steep hill at 9,000 + feet will get your heart rate up. With a little conditioning, I think mountain biking could be really fun. The only downside was underslept children and sleepless nights. By the last day I felt sick from lack of sleep. It was a small price to pay for a great weekend. Here is a link to some pictures.

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