Five years ago today this little guy was born. I love this picture because it was the day Wyatt finally turned a corner after being so sick as a preemie. He was off the ventilator (big step for sick preemies), no IVs and lights, and he was wearing clothes. They also found a way to transfer him back to Boulder which meant we could sleep in the hospital with him and not have to commute to Denver anymore.

1 year old. I love how chubby he was and I loved his adorable bald, fuzzy head.

2 years old. I remember this hike. He fell asleep and I tried to make him a pillow with my fleece.

3 years old. This was on our first hike with brand new Hank.

4 years old. Here is Wyatt at the Natural History Museum in DC. I forgot a sweatshirt for him so he's wearing Hank's small sweatshirt and I think it's pretty cute.

Wyatt is such a good boy. I hear that from his preschool teachers, church teachers and most recently his Karate teacher. He's gentle and smart. He loves to talk. He gets excited about everything. He is so kind with Hank. He comforts him and encourages him. He's a helper. I love you Wyatt.


  1. starr said...
    Happy Birthday Wyatt!!! I can't believe you're 5!
    Jewel Stratford said...
    Happy Birthday to YOU! We love you and you are such a fine young man. Five years has certainly flown by. Have a great day!
    David said...
    Hey Wyatt..this is Grandma Hilma clear from Venice, Italy wishing you a happy birthday and telling you how much I love you and am thankful I get to be your grandmother. I love it when you come to my house and I like playing hide and seek with you. I am so proud of your goodness and kindness. I'll see you when I get home.
    sara said...
    Wyatt has one of the greatest personalities of any kid I've ever met. I love his zest for live and constant upbeat energy. Can't believe he's FIVE! Wow.

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