Hank had a bad case of croup last week. He had such a hard time breathing that we had an emergency room visit, a hospital stay and an urgent care visit. Here are a few pictures from the hospital. Hank did really well. I slept with him in the tent and he was the sweetest snuggle bunny. His hair is so soft and fussy. As long as he did wake up and see that I was gone, he was content. They gave him apple juice in a bottle when we arrived and he thought that was the great treat ever and has been asking for apple juice ever since.

Cool humidity is supposed to help with the vocal chord swelling. It was loud and cold in there.

Hank got special treatment from me and got to play with my iphone.

We brought in special toys for him and in the morning he was full of energy and having a great time playing.

He didn't like his hospital band.


  1. Travis said...
    Unbearably cute!
    Hilma Bellessa said...
    I see the little "ET" light on his toe. I bet everyone in the hospital wanted to peek in and look at him.

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