I'm back, baby

A few nights ago, while starting to compile a photo book for our family for 2009, I started to make a blog book. AFter tinkering with the layout of the book and reading through old posts and looking at pictures, I felt the call of the blog again. It's my journal for my family and any friends that want to come along for the journey.

I do have a journal. I bought it at the Denver Botanic gardens shortly after Wyatt was born. My mom was by Wyatt's bed side so we could get some fresh air and spend some time away from the hospital. I remember lying on the grass with Willie (too sore to sit after just having a baby), waiting for the doctor to call with results on Wyatt's spinal tap. The call came and the news was good. I bought the journal in the gift shop thinking that I needed to start recording my life.

Well, that was 2004 and the journal still isn't full and whenever I take it out and thumb though it, the message is familiar, if not repetitive. I want to be a better mom. I need more sleep. I want to read my scriptures more. I want to shed a few lbs. I want to hike more. You get the picture. It's a place for me to write down all my shortcomings. Having the highlights of our last two and a half year (with pictures) to put in a book for our family says a lot more than the personal struggles I write about in my own journal. So, I'm back. Posting pictures on facebook kind of became my way to share our experience but I still need to write things down here.

So a little catch up is needed.

We spent Christmas in Omaha and it was so fun.  We talked and ate and shopped and sledded.  The cousins had so much fun playing together.  We had a wonderful snow storm.

More pictures are posted on facebook: Omaha Christmas Pictures

We had a wonderful New Year's Eve with our friends at the X lazy F ranch on the Black Mesa.  It was a five mile ski in but the boys and I hitched a ride on a snow mobile.  We played music, talked, took pictures, ate, laughed and let off fireworks under the full moon.

Here is a link to more new year's picures: New Year's 2009

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  1. Melynne said...
    what a great time! love the sparkler photo.

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