I had my first product photo shoot last weekend. It was harder than I thought. Here are a few things I learned.

1. I love my whibal card (helps with adjusting white balance).  It's the best $27 piece of plastic I ever received as a Christmas gift.

2. I need to try a live view function next time so I can see the image on my computer screen and check the focus full size.  Zooming in out and on the LCD after every image takes a lot of time.

3. Listening to movies while editing images is the best, even though my posture in my favorite family chair is not the ideal photo editing posture.  Also, Willie is nice to fill in the gaps in the movie story line in case something happens without dialogue.

4. I need a studio.  Our front room had fabric swatches, paper, rocks, my tripod, and lights strewn all over it for a few days.

5. I'm very critical of my images.  I keep having ideas of how I could do it different or better.  Alas, the jewelry has been sent back and the front room cleaned up.

Here is the link to Leslie's website with all of her jewelry.  www.leslielewisdesigns.com


  1. Travis said...
    Amazing. Looks so great!
    Leslie said...
    I couldn't agree more! Sally, you did some amazing work with my gems!
    Sherry Ficklin said...
    They look beautiful!
    Michelle said...
    I love seeing how you're learning to do this. I guess I never realized that there are so many different things to consider when trying to get the best final product. I think your photos are wonderful.

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