AFter not sending out our Christmas cards for many weeks now, I've moved on to Plan B: the blog card.  I love getting Christmas cards and reading about friends and family and looking at pictures, so that made me really want to send out cards this year.  Then a friend game me a coupon for 100 free picture cards.  Nothing was holding me back but actually gathering addresses and sending them out.  Hopefully I'll have better luck this year. Below is our picture and Christmas letter.  If you really want the actual picture, let me know and I'll send you one, I have almost 100 to spare. This picture was taken by one of my favorite photographers, Justin Hackworth, at his studio in Provo.

Dear family and friends,

2009 was a pleasant year that began with a dinner party with our neighbors on New Years Eve, a fire in the fireplace, and guitar picking.  This year we remodeled our bathroom, traveled to Yellowstone and Island Park, Idaho to be with Willie’s family, and enjoyed some lovely camping, hiking, bicycling, and rafting in Colorado, Idaho, and Utah.  Sally and Willie play in a band called the North 17th Street Band, which recorded and mixed its first album, Dirt on the Tires, which will soon be printed.

Willie has enjoyed his work as a lawyer, and he has had great success this year in trial and appellate courts.  He still plays his fiddle nearly every night.  This year Willie raised four hens, two Rhode Island reds (Rosie and Wilma Jean) and two buff orpingtons (Daisy and Buttercup), from day-old chicks to ace egg layers.

Sally led 17 girls from church on a backpacking trip this summer in the West Elk Mountains.  There, she got to practice her newfound love (obsession?) for photography.  She has made great strides in portraiture and documentary photography. Her job at studioCase took her to New York City for a week to be around her colleagues at studioCase, meet with clients and spend time with her brother Travis and his family.  Sally’s zeal for fitness continues and she is working with a trainer and has a new interest in distance running.  In March she will run her first half-marathon in Moab.  

Wyatt (age 5) advanced to yellow belt in karate.  He loves his Montessori preschool, and is preparing for his career as an international spy, inventor, and astronaut. He is such a good boy and so kind to Hank. His current interests are Spy kids 1 and 2 and all spy gear.  Wyatt is starting fiddle lessons.

Hank (age 2) has become a world-class talker.  He had a short hospital stay this fall from an especially bad case of croup.  He enjoyed every minute of the hospital, and asks to go back whenever we drive by.  Hank is so affectionate and cheery.  He has a great imagination and enjoys carrying a feather duster around as his puppy, talking to friends and family on his cell phone and pretending to be the ward chorister every time he hears music.

We hope you had a merry Christmas and happy New Year, and that 2010 will be full of blessings and health.

The DeFords


  1. Hilma Bellessa said...
    That chicken's name of Wilma Jean is suspiciously close to Willie's mother-in-law's name of Hilma Jean..any message there?

    Love you guys...and the photo
    Willie DeFord said...
    I had a great aunt Wilma Jean, who was a delightful person. I thought it was time someone named a hen after her.
    Melissa said...
    Great family photo. Deconstructionist, so hip.
    Jewel Stratford said...
    Nice photo - such a handsome family. You are really sucking the marrow out of life!
    Disco Mom said...
    Hey Sally - great to come catch up with you guys. I barely remember to write on my own blog once in awhile, much less check everyone else's so thanks for the email. I'm drooling to death over your pictures - how I long for a decent camera that can do my kids and my life justice. Maybe someday. You all look and sound great. Here's to 2010!
    sara said...
    Such a cute picture. Hope this year is even better for you guys than last!

    We love you.
    Melynne said...
    i think your cabbage patch kid had a great name sally, what was it? willamena? love the update and a peek inside your thoughts as a mom with so much creativity to give the world. you are fabulous person!
    Christy said...
    wonderful pictures-- your profile pic and the family pic-- wonderful. fun to read about your goings on, voyages and the children's accomplishments-- love it all. our bests, of course and love, The Bernats
    Michelle said...
    What a great life you have! I have to tell you the first time I heard the Avett Brothers I thought of you and Willie, it was the whole blue grass thing- anyhow they come to Tucson this spring I'm excited to see them. I may be asking you questions come spring on raising chickens, we're planning on it.

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