Last year, my friend Betsy invited me to come running with a few of her friends one saturday and that's when I met a great group of runners called Red Fruit FRunners.  I'm actually not sure where the name came from.  I need a FRunners history course since I'm new on the scene.  So depending on the saturday there are at least a few people to about 23 people going on a road or trail run.  Most of the runners are young moms.  These people are athletic, usually training for a marathon or triathlon.  I'm probably the slowest and least motivated and I'm not a slouch by any means.

This Saturday we met at 6:30am and ran the river front trail (along the Colorado river).  It was such a pretty morning and warm compared to our recent cold snap.  It was probably 33 degrees and foggy and the plants along the river smelled great since it had rained the day before.  I think part of why I'm so slow is that I really enjoy the scenery. I think I'm a hiker at heart. I took several pictures and really enjoyed myself. I do need to increase my pace so I can have more people to talk to.  I love running and talking.  The trail was slippery and I'm really glad I didn't fall. It had rained then we had a freeze then it snowed lightly the night before. The only way I could tell I needed to be careful was when I saw slip-marks on the trail.  We went 8 miles and it went great. I didn't get to stop, except to take a few pictures because at the 5 mile mark everyone was already rested and ready to go again by the time I got there so i decided to keep up so I could socialize a bit. I'm really looking forward to the Moab half since it's such a pretty stretch along the river.

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  1. Melynne said...
    dedication! people don't even go to a park here if the temp dips below 60 degrees! you are a warrior and inspire me to get back to it!

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