I shot some more jewelry for Leslie Lewis.  Here are a few more things I learned.

1.  White is a hard background to work with.  It takes some extra editing to brighten it and a smooth white would be easier to work with than a textured white.

2. Setting up to shoot in front of our front door to get the light from the storm door, makes it hard to open the door when someone stops by.

3. That dark grey rock above is so round.  I mean really round. I'm so glad I lifted it from Devereaux beach in Marblehead.  The rock on the bottom is so flat and from the same beach.  Willie and I would spend hours walking up and down that beach looking at and stealing some great rocks.

4. I think I need some more equipment if I ever get into this kind of photography.  I was using a disposable casserole dish as a reflector and it's kind of uneven.  I think they probably make something that works better.  Also, using the music stand to hold the background is a little tippy.

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  1. Michelle said...
    Sounds wonderful! Hope you knee doesn't act up. And uninterrupted sleep is the best. How exciting to get past mile 10.

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