Today we ran 11 miles and about 2.7 of it was uphill, the rest flat or downhill.  That 2.7 was hard, I must say.  I had great energy today.  I think it was a combination of me sleeping 7.5 uninterrupted hours last night (very rare) and eating the magic combination of half a banana and a no bake cookie.  I felt so good.  I started to feel a little achy in my knee the last half mile.

Now several hours later, I feel tired. I took a quick nap and I'll probably be a little sore.   But with the half marathon approaching, I'm glad today went well.  I just need a few more miles in me to enjoy race day.  It was so pretty this morning.  It was above freezing and only a few patches of ice.  

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  1. Matt said...
    You gettem'! I love these blog updates. You described long early morning runs feel great after getting it done, but the crash does come. Just bought a BD tiny headlamp for my morning runs. Too many close calls. Good luck in the upcoming half!

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