Weekend in Utah

I'm trying to recount our experiences through pictures on my blog instead of facebook but I'm not sure if I just went totally overboard with pictures.  It's so hard to choose.  So we went to Utah for a long weekend and had a great time.  The two pictures above where on our drive out of town.  

A new road trip hobby is to take pictures with my iphone and use apps like camera bag and Lo-Mob to play with them.  

Amy and Brian bought this condo in Midway.  I knew it would be nice but I had been too busy to internalize just how nice, so I was overwhelmed with excitement when we got there.  It's the lap of luxury.  We are so lucky that Amy and Brian are so generous.

Poor Hank started to get sick on Sunday and just kept getting worse.  Today we found out he has two ear infections and a small pneumonia in his lung.  It is so rare that Hank sits still and he just wanted to sleep on us and cuddle.  We ate at Calder and Starr's house and Willie and I went to Ikea to get a bed for Hank and pick out my new home office. 

David took Wyatt skiing for his first time.  He loved it and can't wait to go again.

Two of the local hotels in Midway have ice formations.  I spent some time taking pictures of them as the sun was going down.  

I took so many pictures of Stella.  You can see them at sallydefordphotography.blogspot.com

Here are a few great things I didn't take pictures of:

Watching a ton of 30 rock with Willie.
Running 8 miles with my good friend and Moab half running mate, Cary
A wonderful dinner with friends at my mom's house
A visit from with my Dad and Jewel
Relaxing and hanging out with family.


  1. David said...
    These are such wonderful photos. The ice ones are amazing. My favorite one is Hank lounging in luxury on the living room couch. We also are so thankful that Amy and Brian are so generous. MOM
    Amy said...
    Great pictures, Sally. I like the ice sculpture ones. I liked the ones of Stella too. I'm glad you liked staying in the condo.
    Matt said...
    Great pictures....I'm so sorry that we missed you 4. Let us know the next time...it would be great to see you!

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